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not at all of u delete/uninstall steam it will still be there but if u delete ur account then it will be deleted but it is ok to deleate steam it will be there

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Q: If you delete steam does your steam games get deleted too?
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When you delete a Facebook message is it deleted on the other persons account too?

if you delete it then yes, it will delete on theirs too

Answer when you delete your YouTube account can YouTube delete your playlists if so when will they delete them?

When you delete your account, it deletes all of your videos. Therefore, your playlists are deleted, too.

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Yes it does so you have to start again

How do you delete your restaurant city account on Facebook?

You can't delete your account on Restaurant City. It is linked to your Facebook account.

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not realy. Your created empire continue to live as an NPC empire

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only if you and your lender report it to the other bureaus

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Go into your music library in itunes and right-click on the music you want to delete. The window that pops up should have a delete option, click on it and the music will be deleted from your library and the next time you sync your ipod, the music will be deleted from there too. (I'm not sure what other versions of itunes this works with, but i know it works with itunes 10.)

Do you have to pay for all Steam games?

There are free games on there too. A section is devoted to it in the shop tab.

Where can you get free games for your PC?

Download steam and download is in description and all games you can download in description too

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If you delete your e-mail, you're no longer responsible for the accounts you've created with it, and they're all permanently deleted too. This means that, if your e-mail was responsible for your account, for example, in a online game , the account you have on that game is automatically permanently deleted, because no one's responsible for that account anymore. Hope I helped

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You might, but if you actually deleted it as soon as you saw it, that wouldn't be fair. (Remember, though, when most computers "delete" they don't actually delete -- they just mark the space where the picture is located as available for overwriting. A computer expert could recover the picture, if it's done before you do too much more work on the machine.)