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If you pick Turtwig, regardless of your character's gender, your rival will have Chimchar and Rowan's assistant will have Piplup. If you pick Chimchar, your rival will have Piplup and Rowan's assistant will have Turtwig. And etc.

No changes are caused in the storyline, no matter what you do.

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Q: If you choose Lucas or Dawn or Piplup Chimchar or Turtwig on Pearl will the storyline change at all?
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How do you change the 3 beginning Pokemon in the game Pokemon Diamond?

You can't. either Turtwig, Piplup, or Chimchar. piplup is mine :D

What is the most powerful starter in Pokemon diamond?

piplup because empoleon's hydro cannon is way stronger than explosion but though his attack,sp.attack,defense and sp.defense may be high but his speed is SUPER low but you can change that by its happiness dough people say turtwig dough but piplup is better

How Do You Catch Chimchar?

First you must choose a good team ( try levels 70-80). Next you have to create a new challenge (if you don't you have to use the SAME EXACT TEAM you used when u first started). Then just go through mt.battle note: when you get to the resting room with the PC after each area don't change your team. When you complete mt.battle you should get a ribbon for each Pokemon on your team and a johto starter of your choice. Chikorita, Totodile, or Cyndaquil (frenzy plant, hydro pump, blast burn).

Pokemon platinum can you change Infernape back to chimchar?

its impossible to do that, Pokemon cannot go back to their first form

Where do you get the chimchar doll on diamond?

You can get on by going underground and talking to a guy who sells goods. he will have on eventually. His items change everyday

When does dawn's piplup evolve?

Dawn's Piplup evolves in DP122 - Stopped in the Name of Love. It chose not to evolve after hearing Ash and others telling Dawn that she would need all new Contest tactics, and need to adapt to change in Battle too. In the end, Dawn gave Piplup an Everstone in case he ever wanted to evolve, later.

Where do you find manaphy in poke'mon pearl?

This is work for PC. You just speed up the desmume and the starter changed. piplup change into manaphy.

In Pokemon Ruby how do you change the storyline?

If you play as ether a boy/girl the text that your rival says is altered.

What is a sequel?

...A sequel is a movie or book that follows another. The sequel contains the same characters and follows the same storyline. The characters and storyline may change during the sequel but they have to start out the same to show the connection with the previous story...

How do you be a dodrio on Pokemon Blue rescue team?

Recruit a Doduo or Dodrio and then beat the main storyline so that you can change leaders and members of your team.

Can you change trainer name in diamond and pearl?

Sorry, im afraid not. once you start the game, your name is permanet. Be very careful when typing things such as your Pokemon names. if you name a PIPLUP piplup then it remains piplup forever, even when evolving. SAd, i know. i have a level two hundred empoleon named piplup. If you despertaly need to change the name why not sgtart over? if you have really good Pokemon, send them to a friend who has your game. Then when you restart the game youll have those Pokemon and a new starter Pokemon. Also try migrating from fire red/leafgreen versions. I now have a empoleon, venesaur, charizard, blastoise, torterra, and infernape. have fun with Pokemon! Sset, the Pokemon genius (yes im a girl) Actually you can change your pokemons name in Pearl. Just go to Eternia City and look at some buildings and if you see an old man (Not the one near a plakia statue), he will rate your pokemons name then he will let you name then if you don't like them. Hope this helps for Pokemon names atleast.

Will Jonathan groff play Jessie St. James in season two of glee?

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