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There's an ace trainer who has one on victory road. Or you could just evolve one from chansey. Whichever you would prefer to do.

Her name is mariah.


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Q: If a trainer has a Blissey where can i find that trainer in pearl?
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Where do you see blissey in pearl?

In Pokémon Pearl, you can find a trainer with a Blissey in the Victory Road however additionally you could hatch the Egg that the Hiker in Hearthome City gave you, let it hold the item the Oval Stone and level it up during the day time and it'll evolve into a Chansey and then you could evolve your Chansey into a Blissey when it has maximum happiness, it'll evolve as soon as it reaches maximum happiness.

Blissey in Pokemon Pearl?

Blissey evolves from Chansey in Pokemon Pearl. Blissey is an all female pokemon species with no male counterpart. Chansey can be caught on route 209 and 210.

Where to find a trainer with chinchou in pearl?

There is none

When does blissey learn egg bomb in Pokemon pearl?

Blissey learns Egg Bomb at Lv. 38.

How do you get a blissey in pearl?

You have to use an Oval Stone on a Chansey.

How do you get a blissey on Pokemon emerald?

First you need a chansey which firered and leafgreen can get then to evolve chansey it needs max friendship with its trainer it will then evolve to blissey.

How do you get blissy in you pokedex diamond?

in victory road there is an ace trainer that you have to battle and she has a blissey

Who has a combee in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

No trainer has a combee in diamond and pearl but you can find a combee on trees you put honey on. There is a trainer in route 208, she has combee and Roselia

Where do you see clefable in a trainer battle on Pokemon diamond version?

clefable and blissey can be found by a trainer on Route 210 west of the house.

Where can you find red in Pokemon pearl?

Trainer Red is not in D/P/Pt.

How does chansey evolve into Blissey in Pokemon pearl?

Same way as always: Friendship.

Where can you see a Blissey in Pokemon platinum?

you cant... you have to make chansey evolve with high friendship. you can find chansy on rout 209 in diamond, pearl, and platinum