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Shadow was created by Eggman's grandfather, Jerald Robotnik. The reason he created Shadow was to protect the world from the return of an all powerful alien (Shadow the Hedehog the game) Jerald's neice Maria died in the attack on the lab where Shadow was made and her dying words were along the lines of "give the humans a chance, a chance to be happy." So Shadow tries to save the word because Maria told him to

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Q: If Shadow was created by Eggman how come Shadow wants to save the world?
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Who was tails kidnapped by in sonic lost world?

Tails was kidnapped by Dr. Eggman.

Where is Eggman's Sonic simulator in Sonic Colors for the Wii?

In the top right corner of the world map

What is the true story about Shadow the Hedgehog?

Shadow the Hedgehog was created by Professor Gerald Robotnik who contacted Black Doom, a genocidal leader of an alien race. He was immortal and was able to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Professor Gerald made a trade with Black Doom, stating that if he helped him to create Shadow through the use of his DNA, Black Doom would receive the 7 Chaos Emeralds. This was seen to be a good idea at the time however a young boy witnessed Shadow's awakening and saw the alien and immediately thought he was evil. The young boy grew to be a future GUN commander, and hated Shadow because he believed that Shadow caused Maria to die. A while after Shadow's creation, GUN raided the ARK, killing all those involved with the project. The plan to shut the Ark down was called "The ARK's Indestructible Seal". The plan required all civilians of the Ark to be evacuated, however anyone with knowledge of Project: Shadow were killed. Shadow and Maria attempted to escape, however Maria was shot. Despite this, they managed to make it to the escape pod, where Maria ejected Shadow from the Ark, but not after asking him to help humanity. Maria died shortly after. Upon landing, Shadow was then captured by the government through unknown means and was reunited at some point with the Professor, who had gone mad upon hearing the news about Maria's death. He altered Shadow's memory so he forgot the original promise to Maria, leaving only the desire for revenge. The Professor then added a special program to the ARK, which if activated would lead to the world's end. 50 years later Dr. Eggman travelled to Prison Island, where Shadow was being kept on Level 7 in suspended animation. Dr. Eggman released Shadow, who went on to destroy the GUN robot, Hot Shot, as a display of power. Shadow then told Dr. Eggman to obtain more Chaos Emeralds and rendezvous at the central control room of the Space Colony ARK. Afterward, Shadow broke into the Federal Reserve Bank and stole the Chaos Emerald which was being kept there. Doing this unintentionally framed Sonic and with the both of them being chased by the police and military, they ended up meeting with Shadow introducing himself and the power of Chaos Control. Once aboard the Space Colony ARK, Shadow explained to Eggman about the weapon which could destroy an entire planet, the Eclipse Cannon. However, they required the 7 Chaos Emeralds to do so. Hearing this, Rouge the Bat made her appearance, negotiating a deal to borrow Dr. Eggman's radar to track Master Emerald shards in exchange for her services in collecting the Chaos Emeralds. The three travelled back to Prison Island to get the Chaos Emeralds stored there, Shadow set a bomb and Eggman caused a distraction while Rouge snuck into Security Hall to steal the red, light blue and purple emeralds there. She was then sealed in a room as she was caught by a government soldier within a robot. She contacted Shadow for help, at first he seemed not to care but a flashback of Maria changed his mind. He then broke into the room and Chaos Controlled Rouge and himself to the ARK. As they had 6 Emeralds, they decided to demonstrate the Eclipse Cannon's power. Shadow and co fired the Eclipse Cannon at the moon, blowing off a large chunk. This also prompted Sonic and friends to travel to the ARK to try and stop them. To obtain the last Chaos Emerald, Dr. Eggman defeated Tails on the ARK and placed it into the Eclipse cannon, unintentionally activating a 50 year old program placed in the time of Professor Gerald's insanity. The program which Professor Gerald initiated into the Ark 50 years ago, was set to activate once all 7 Chaos Emeralds were placed into the Eclipse cannon with a video recording of Gerald explaining humanity's death sentence. The Chaos Emeralds powering the core of the cannon made it highly reactive and explosive which combined with the ARK hurtling towards Earth, Gerald's plan was to allow the ARK to crash into the Earth, shattering it to pieces. Everyone except for Shadow and Amy, set off to the core in the hopes that with Knuckles using the Master Emerald to control the overpowering energy it would stop the ARK. While everyone was gone, Amy spoke to Shadow in an attempt to convince him to help Sonic and everyone else save the world. At first, Shadow refused, but after Amy's optimisitic attitude towards humanity, a flashback of Maria came to his mind, causing him to remember the promise he made to her 50 years ago. After shedding a tear, Shadow left to help Sonic. Shadow caught up with Sonic and Knuckles in the core of the Ark as the Biolizard was released from its 50 year imprisonment aboard the ARK. Shadow walked past Sonic and Knuckles, ordering them to get the Chaos Emeralds while he fought the Biolizard. As Shadow battled the Biolizard, Knuckles used the Master Emerald to stop the energy from the Chaos Emeralds, however it wasn't enough. Eggman spoke over a speaker announcing that the Biolizard was still alive and attached to the Space Colony, pulling it towards Earth. Shadow and Sonic turned Super for the final showdown with the Biolizard (known as Final Hazard at this point). After defeating the Biolizard Shadow and Sonic used a large Chaos Control to restore the ARK's orbit. Since he had no experience in staying in his Super form, Shadow passed out from exhaustion and fell towards earth presumably ending his life. Six months later Rouge broke into one of Eggman's bases in the hopes of recovering treasure only to discover Shadow being kept in suspended animation within a pod. She released Shadow but as she did so she unknowingly activated E-123 Omega, the final and Ultimate E-series robot. Omega, being angry at Eggman for leaving him in the base assumed that Shadow was one of Eggman's robots and fired at the hedgehog. Shadow pushed Rouge out of the way and attempted to fight back. After Omega stated that he "must eradicate all Eggman's robots", Rouge blocked both Shadow's and Omega's attacks, realising that they may be on the same side. After a quick talk Rouge learned that Omega wanted revenge and Shadow had lost his memory, deciding that their common goal was Eggman, they forged a team and began to chase after the doctor. Eventually after the discovery of a Shadow Android and numerous amounts of clones kept aboard Eggman's air fleet, Rouge began to have doubts and believed that the real Shadow died on his fall from space. Omega reassured Rouge that even if the Shadow that it with them at the moment isn't real, cloning can only be performed with the original, therefore it must exist somewhere. Two weeks later, Shadow had still not recovered any of his memories with the exception of his name and the death of Maria. As Shadow was pondering at the outskirts of Westopolis a large reddish shaded cloud appeared dropping aliens from the sky. A giant alien appeared before Shadow, introducing himself as Black Doom, and demanding that Shadow bring him the 7 Chaos Emeralds as promised. Despite not knowing who he was, Shadow decided that Black Doom may have had answers to his past and began to collect the Emeralds. After gathering the first 2 Emeralds, Shadow realised that the Emeralds alone unlocked his memories. Shadow collected the remaining Emeralds for himself. However, after obtaining all the Emeralds, Black Doom's true plan was revealed. Black Doom desired to use the human population as a power source for the Black Comet, claiming that he was saving humanity from its own destruction. He then explained to Shadow that he was a dual creation between Professor Gerald and himself with his DNA being fused with the DNA the Professor already had. Team Chaotix, who had made their way onboard the ARK, discovered and played a video of Professor Gerald before he went insane. Professor Gerald explained that he made a terrible mistake contacting the comet and Black Doom for help and needed Shadow to erase his mistake. Maria also made a brief appearance, stating that she and Shadow would protect the planet. Shadow lowered his head as the video stopped playing, obviously upset that his creator and best friend was on screen. The video was broadcasted to GUN's base and they realised that they had misjudged the Professor's intentions and the President named the current day as a day to celebrate him. Shadow battled Black Doom in his Super form and destroyed the Black Comet using the Eclipse Cannon, its originally intended purpose. Deciding to no longer dwell on his past, Shadow discarded a photo of Maria and Professor Gerald, saying goodbye forever. After some time, Shadow became a government agent. He next appeared when he was sent on a mission to infiltrate Dr. Eggman's base to rescue an agent who had last contacted GUN 26 hours prior. The agent turned out to be Rouge, who was on her way out of the base, with her the Scepter of Darkness. Shadow and Rouge continued to the rendezvous point in Kingdom Valley, where Eggman attacked. Eggman landed an attack on Rouge causing her to drop the Scepter. The Scepter shattered and Eggman retreated leaving Rouge and Shadow behind. A dark mist protruded from the Scepter and took the form of Shadow's shadow. The "shadow" revealed himself to be Mephiles the Dark, and as revenge for what was unknown, Mephiles sent Shadow and Rouge through a time portal. They arrived at the future to discover that they were in Dr. Eggman's base but 200 years forward in time. They discovered that Eggman had used a machine to send Sonic and the others to the future and they teamed up to find the Chaos Emeralds, as Shadow explained that using Chaos Control at the same time as another person could take them through time. Sonic and Shadow then separated to find the Chaos Emeralds. After finding the green Chaos Emerald, Shadow and Rouge discovered Omega, after fiddling around, Shadow deduced that Omega was in stand-by mode, and was unable to be woken up, resulting in them leaving Omega behind. They met up with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles in front of a volcano, after Rouge teasing Knuckles about not being a good treasure hunter like her Tails revealed that a Chaos Emerald was in there. Despite Rouge not wanting to go in, they all went inside. As Rouge was about to grab the Emerald, Iblis appeared and battled with Sonic and Shadow. After beating it, Sonic and Shadow used Chaos Control to open a space time rift and go back in time. As Rouge was leaving she noticed a flame and a dark mist and stared at it until she passed through the portal. Shadow noticed where Rouge was looking, and noticed Mephiles had reformed from the mist, Shadow followed Mephiles as he ran off, the portal forgotten. Shadow caught up to Mephiles and Mephiles showed Shadow a pink cage-like object that had Shadow sealed inside. Mephiles explained that humanity were not just jealous of his power, they were afraid of it. He explained that Shadow was used as a scapegoat for the destruction of the world resulting in his capture. Back in the present, Rouge was worried about Shadow. Remebering Omega in stand-by mode in the future, she tracked Omega to the ruins near Soleanna and left the blue Chaos Emerald in his care. Back in the future, Mephiles and Shadow were fighting with Mephiles firing a blast when Shadow was caught off guard sending Shadow flying into a near stalagmite, which impaired him for a short time. Whilst Shadow caught his breath, Mephiles moved closer in an attempt to finish the job, however he was cut off by bullets being fired between the two. The bullets were fired by Omega. Shadow and Mephiles again fight, and before they could corner him, Mephiles used a rift to go back in time. Shadow and Omega jumped through and ended up back in the warehouse district of Soleanna where they met up with Rouge. Rouge contacted GUN to discover more information on the Scepter of Darkness as Shadow chased a train to get to Dr. Eggman. Once Shadow caught up with the train he broke through the train's roof and interogated Eggman, Eggman was not happy with Shadow entering and questioning him. They made a deal that Shadow would recapture Mephiles and then Eggman would tell Shadow all about Solaris. Sonic was also chasing Eggman's train but was stopped by Silver, who was roundhouse kicked by Shadow. Shadow and Silver then travelled back in time 10 years ago to discover the past. Silver realised that Mephiles who he trusted was evil and trying to destroy the world. Shadow used the original Scepter of Darkness to seal Mephiles until the present time which caused Mephiles to seek revenge. While this was happening Omega was at the beach. He had encountered Mephiles and was opening fire at Shadow's shadow. Mephiles stated that this only proved that he was the one who defeated and sealed Shadow in the future. When Shadow and Rouge arrived on the scene, Rouge asked what happened. Omega explained to Shadow that he was the one who sealed him in the future. Shadow remained silent throughout the whole ordeal, but Rouge angrily stated that it wasn't fair, Shadow's always there to defend the world despite the fact that he is feared by humanity. Shadow began to walk off but was called back by Rouge, who then stated that even if the world was against Shadow, she'd always be by his side. Shadow, Rouge and Omega encountered Mephiles in the ruins within the desert, and battled him for one last time. Shadow then attepmted to seal Mephiles with a newly made Scepter of Darkness. After the battle with Mephiles, he escaped and found Sonic. Mephiles impaled Sonic causing Princess Elise to cry and release the sealed Flames of Disaster within her. Mephiles fused with the Flames of Disaster and became the sun god, Solaris. Shadow and his team as well as Silver, Amy, Knuckles, Tails and Eggman were transported to the end of the world where they saw Princess Elise with Sonic, who was now dead. Eggman stated that space and time had become abnormal and soon it would collapse, destroying everything, and it was impossible to destroy Solaris as it existed in the past, present and future. Silver exclaimed that he would destroy it all at once, Shadow countered that, stating that without Sonic's help, destroying Solaris in 3 separate timelines would be impossible. Princess Elise stated that she still felt Sonic's presence, which caused Silver to come up with a plan that involved bringing Sonic back with the Chaos Emeralds. Shadow, Silver, Amy, Knuckles, Tails, Rouge and Omega all headed off to different directions to get a Chaos Emerald each. Once they brought the emeralds back, Princess Elise made a wish on the Chaos Emeralds, and brought Sonic back in his Super form. Shadow and Silver then also turned Super to go and fight Solaris. In the end, the timeline was altered by Sonic and Elise, erasing the events in Soleanna, which may have left Shadow's future open.

Will Shadow the Hedgehog ever die?

Everything has its end, even though Shadow the Hedgehog said to be immortal, if he were to live until the world ended, he would die along with the world.

Why did shadow the hedgehog punch sonic in sonic x?

To Prevent death like what Shadow did last time to sacrifice to save the world. Is it from the last episode?

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Why eggman tries to kill sonic for?

because he wants 2 take over the world and

Sonic heroes can you play chao world?

the answer is yes,but you can only be Sonic,Tails,Kunx,Shadow,Eggman,Rouge the bat No I beat sonic heroes And NO CHAO WORLD.

On sonic x and sa2b what is shadow's motive to work with eggman?

When Professor Gerald went mad he reprogrammed Shadow to feel vengeful and left a diary entry stating that Shadow would bring destruction to the world. Eggman found the diary entry and released Shadow from his suspended animation, Shadow now believing he was meant for destruction and wanted to avenge Maria, helped the Doctor, since anyone who would release Shadow after reading the entry would crave destruction and world domination and could help Shadow achieve Professor Gerald Robotnik's goal for revenge against humanity.

Does mephiles work with DR eggman?

No. Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik attempts to capture Elise because she holds the Flames of Disaster (Iblis). He wants to release Iblis and harness its power to conquer the world. Eggman knows if Mephiles escapes the Scepter of Darkness he will attempt to fuse with Iblis to create Solaris, which the Doctor would have no way of controlling, so he was keeping the Scepter of Darkness locked away. Once Rouge stole and inevitably broke the Scepter of Darkness, Mephiles was released, who then eventually managed to fuse with Iblis and create Solaris as Eggman feared. This forced the Doctor to ally with Sonic, Shadow, Silver & friends to stop Solaris.

Are Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog cousins?

In our world Sonic is older as he is the main character and was created first. But in the games Shadow was created by Dr. Eggman's grandfather 50 years ago by an experiment on the ARK.

When was Everybody Wants to Rule the World created?

Everybody Wants to Rule the World was created on 1985-03-18.

Were is shadow after the world was safe from the matarex in sonic x?

well, ive played through the whole series that follows sonic and what happens is when the world is saved, shadow is dead, but eggman ends up taking him into his lab and starts to revive him. when shadow comes in to sonic x its using the story of sonic adventure 2 battle and when shadows revived its in the beginning of sonic heroes.

What happens to shadow in sonic adventure 2 battle?

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was released almost a decade before Sonic Adventure 2, which was the first game to feature Shadow. There is no way to play as Shadow in Sonic 2, short of hacking it, of course.

Does eggman die?

that answer is no the reason because he is needed created to be the villain comedy relief and is filling in for sonics world because the original robotnik died in the explosion of gorm

Is there a chaos world in Sonic rush adventure for Nintendo ds?

No im sorry but there is no chaos world the last level is where sonic/blaze fights eggman/eggman nega's giant robot

How does sonic always foil eggman's plans?

Despite Eggman's superior intelligence and engineering brilliance, Sonic's inherent ability to travel at the speed of sound and natural skills allow him to overwhelm Eggman's machines and destroy them. This leaves Eggman without any weapons to take over the world and create eggmanland.

Who was tails kidnapped by in sonic lost world?

Tails was kidnapped by Dr. Eggman.