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There isn't a code for placing unlimited decorations, but there is a Action Replay code for allowing you to have all decorations.

5D1E5C76 541789D2
094EAEEA DF8752F4
7EC4CA25 4178282C
770CE5DF 3833C648
D80BDEA0 A2A52C79
02994295 071368E9
2FEB7840 9B1F7DB8
A6F6390B AFAB4B58
9BA55753 8AD6266F
33CFB4EF 58948B37
E5CB9E71 413C4222
EEF12B02 001E1EDF
4D65434B A7C94584
8A89BA42 F60E950E
C33719C8 E1CA407B
EF0A0605 62056073
CF03C795 CB52A826
FD15C1EE 483D7D46
E1604703 26903F56
054464C7 666B3116
90C2D842 55A4663A
F3A95249 1AC4A284
FEA8B558 51385F6F
3F462FC7 9667A4AD
AA686A2D 8352FFC0
843F30D1 D787D234
2928D3AA B712C5E0
E19F958C B7CAA30C
D6615F90 50A1C567
96AD68DE 66797808
6089F33F 86427E4A
B6773405 15EF5D0D
C609B01F 4C28350B

Many claim that it works, but it was not tested by me.

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Q: I need a cheat code for pokemon emerald that will let me place unlimited decorations please?
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