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Q: I have the Pokemon soul silver rom and a nogba emulator the rom has the English patch but it freezes after i beat the goldenrod city gym leader are there any newer patches or roms to stop freezing?
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When you are playing Pokemon Diamond on your nds emulator it freezes when you battle a Pokemon or a trainer?

You'll have to turn the sound on at the end of battles to prevent the game from freezing

How do you get to goldenrod city in Pokemon Silver?

How do you get to goldenrod city in pokemon silver?

The best emulator for Pokemon Emerald?

The best emulator is NO$GBA

Where is goldenrod city in Pokemon FireRed version?

you cant get to goldenrod city in Pokemon fire red its impossible

Where is goldenrod tower in Pokemon SoulSilver?

It is right by the goldenrod train station.

What citie is the Pokemon day care center at in Pokemon silver?

Just beneath Goldenrod. Just beneath Goldenrod.

Where to get a netball in Pokemon SoulSilver Pokemon?

In Pokemon Soulsilver, you can get a Net Ball from Johto in Goldenrod City. You have to win it from the Goldenrod Dept. Store lottery.

Pokemon Platinum English rom freezing when Dialga and Palkia appear on Spear Pillar... How can i fix this?

If you are playing this on No$gba emulator, click "A" about 100 times when Cyrus is opening the portal. The people who made this ROM forgot to add this scene. The emulator doesn't actually freeze, it is still running. This is not fake. It really does work, I did it 20mins ago! Happy gaming if you read this!

What website can you play Pokemon White on the computre for free?

you cant play pokemon white on a computer without having a no$gba emulator or desume emulator once you have the emulator you can go get the rom for pokemon white.

How do you unlock the door in goldenrod city in Pokemon gold?

use the basement key in goldenrod city. the key is in goldenrod.

Where is the Pokemon radio station in Pokemon soul silver?

Goldenrod City in sinnoh and Lavender town in kanto

What emulator should you have in your pc to play pokemon pearl?

desmume is a ds emulator