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You have to open SETUP95 catalogue located on the disk, than you have to send the "install.exe" file to your deskopt, right click on the file on your deskopt, select compatibility and choose Windows 95, than accept changes. I know that works, but I have another problem 'cause installation program shows me that there is no disk in my disc station...

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Q: I have Command and Conquer Red Alert 1 and I can't install it on Windows XP. It's not that I can't play it but I can't install it at all. Is there a way to run an install in compatibility mode?
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How do you install command and conquer generals without the code on back of the case?

Well you have multiple options. You can look for the instructional booklet or case; you can use a hacking program to get the code, but that might not work because of how it is set up; and lastly, you could buy another version of the game.

What is a code to install Command Conquer 3?

If you're looking for a serial number or license key, I recommend you contact Electronic Arts and ask them if they can provide a key to replace the one you've lost. If, however, you didn't purchase the software in the first place, then you're asking in the wrong place.

Can you play maple story on ps3?

No, Maplestory is a windows based game only. Maplestory can only be played on a PC, but if you install it on a Mac, you have to install windows onto your mac, then download Maplestory onto the windows side of your Mac computer.

How do you update the drivers?

Use Windows Update. You may need to set Windows Update to automatically download and install recommended updates.Install the software from the equipment manufacturer. For example, if the device with the disc, the disc may contain device drivers for installed software. To download and update drivers. Use this method can be installed from the manufacturer's Web site to download drivers. If Windows Update can not find the device driver and the device is not installed with the driver software, then do this. Windows 7 Compatibility Center website lists thousands of devices can be directly through the link to download the driver.

How do you play Dragon Ball Online on a Mac?

If you have an Intel based mac install Windows in boot camp and then you can install DBO and play it on your mac

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What is the installation code to install command and conquer 3?

it is

How do you install Windows drivers and applications on Trisquel Linux?

With the exception of wireless card drivers (using the ndiswrapper module), Windows device drivers cannot be used in Linux. Windows applications can be run using Wine, with compatibility and stability depending on the program. Wine can be installed from the command line on Trisquel using the command "sudo apt-get install wine."

How do you make Command and Conquer Generals become Command and Conquer General Zero Hour?

Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour is an expansion to Command and Conquer Generals. Install Command and Conquer: Generals then install the expansion pack to play the expansion. In the menu where you select the game you want to play, the button that says "Command and Conquer Generals" should have a button directly below it that says something like "Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour" PS. this is for command and conquer: the first decade. Other wise you will need to download the separate game or buy a separate disk.

How do you install Windows XP when application compatibility is needed?

All methods of installing Windows XP provide the exact same degree of software compatibility.

You lost the registration codes for command and conquer the first decadeWhat are they?

i lost mycommand&conquer install cold

Command and conquer generals code?

The CD key code for Command and Conquer Generals can be found on the back of the game's manual. If you do not have a code you will not be able to install the game.

How do you download and install command and conquer red alert 1 for free?

EA games released a statement shortly before the release of command and conquer red alert 3 saying that command and conquer red alert is now officially freeware, and can be downloaded from the EA website. But this free download only works on windows systems up to XP, i have currently now found a solution for computers running on vista or windows 7, but i am waiting for EA to let me know if there is a solution, and will update once i do.

What is the equivalent of grep command in windows?

Windows does not have such command. Windows command line is extremely limited. If you want more advanced functionality install cygwin-bash or Microsoft PowerShell

Does Microsoft greetings workshop compatible on windows 7?

Did you try to install it in compatibility mode & run the program in compatibility mode as well?

How-to install comcommand and conquer 3 tiberium wars?

search command and conquer 4,or buy a cd.thanks have a nice game,i have that game and i like it

Is there a patch for Windows Vista that will allow you to run Command and Conquer Renegade?

I use vista and I didn't need to patch it. Once you install just update to current version all should work perfectly.

How do you install Windows 8 on dellinspiron 9100?

Most to days computer can handle windows 8. To install it buy it online at or in a store. You can also check your computers compatibility on their site.