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If you caught Dialga pick up the pokeball at the back the insideit there will an orb that will raise the power of Dialgas water and steel type moves if he's holding it if not just exit the spear pillar pillar, make your way down to the snowy place then fly down to veilstone city if you can't you'll have to make all the way down to the bottom then walk to the place in valor lakefront that you preiviosly coudln't then make your way to Sunyshore to beat the last gym.

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Q: I am are stuck at the spear pillar in Pokemon diamond what do i do?
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Your Pokemon diamond gets stuck at spear pillar why is it so?

I Dont Know Why But that's Not Supost to happen at all

You have Pokemon diamond on ds and a am stuck in a cave?

yes you are.

Where does the person that created Pokemon live?

its not a person, it's arceus, and even though arceus was a stupid idea, they made it. they should have stuck with the original 151 Pokemon anyway. Anyways, arceus can be found after obtaining all the plates, going to spear pillar, and using the azure flute, you may find arceus.

How do you pass the man blocking sunyshore city in Pokemon platinum?

im stuck on this too. people say you have to go to oreburgh city, enter mt. coronet and head to the top. they say there is a galactic grunt blocking the passageway that leads to the spear pillar. but i dont see a galactic grunt blocking the picture of pokemon.

Any information about getting stuck in towns in Pokemon diamond?

In which town?

Im stuck on Pokemon Diamond and i want all of the Pokemon how do you do it?

to get all the Pokemon you have to migrate Pokemon from your other games like fire red leaf green ruby emerald sapphire

This is for Pokemon diamond...How do you get threw team galatics HQ you are stuck and you cant find the way to defeat the leader?

sure is

How do you get to gartina on Pokemon platinum?

go to spear pillar like before and enter the torn worn world.also known as the reverse world.then follow mesprit,aself and uxie's instructions. but they wont talk. Warning:one wrong step and your stuck in the torn/reverse world forever or check out

Can you go underground in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You cannot go underground as you were able to in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. You are stuck above ground in Pokemon SoulSilver. You get two regions to go between, though.

How do you find Giratina on Pokemon diamond?

after you beat the pokemon league, head for route 214. keep heading down on your right until you find an opening. go in and continue on, you shoudn't be stuck from there.

Why does your ROM image crash when saving in Pokemon heartgold?

well,.,.,then i'ld ask u why my diamond keeps on getting STUCK when i;m battling ?

Can you help the girl stuck outside her hotel in diamond Pokemon?

Actually, yes you can. South from where she is there's a hidden key, you have to use the item finder to get it.