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Apparently, yes. I've done it before. BUT you need R4 for DS. Just go to the cheat screen on R4 and turn on that cheat.

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Q: IS there a cheat to get all 150 stars on sm64ds?
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Is there a cheat to get all the stars on SM64ds?

There is if you have an action replay, sort of. It gives you all of the course stars, which is 120.

How do you get 151 stars in sm64ds?

Get action replay while you have all 150 stars. Use the action replay code: CUSTOM LEVEL. Talk to one of the Toads. He will give you a star!!!

What do you do when you get all of the power stars in sm64ds?

If you got all the stars, try to find a way to get Waluigi, but since it tricky try to look for it on the internet

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How many power stars are there in super Mario 64 ds?

There's 150 power stars in Super Mario 64 DS.

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yes there is

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