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Get all the gems

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Q: Hoy do you defete master lox in UB funkeys?
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U b funkeys who is master lox?

Master lox is Dr.Tinker

How do you win master lox's game on u.B funkeys?

You have to play it for a long time

What happens when you have collected all of the gem shards in ub funkeys?

Fight Master Lox who is realy

How do you beat ub funkeys?

To win or beat U.B. Funkeys, a player must collect all four gems from thefour basic worlds. Meet Master Lox and defeat him. After this. go to Funkiki Island and meet the tribe and the Coconut King and become friendly with him.

Ub funkeys how to meet master lox?

You have to collect all the gems or buy him in a store and play as him but you still have to get all the gems but you cant play as him is you still have to buy him to play as him it's so complicated

How do you become master lox's henchmen?

you have to buy it at a store

What does LOX stand for?

LOX is liquid oxygen. Lox is smoked salmon.

How do you unlock everything on ub funkeys?

its a game you can have a home and win coins!Also, get trophies,Upgrade your Game-room, play mini-games,decorate your own crib, unlock worlds of adventure,and you can buy multiple funkeys so that you can go more places in Terapinia. (The world of funkeys) You transport your UB Funkey throught with portals, made by the amazing Dr.Tinker, who got stuck in the portal while undergoing construction and well no more DR tinker. Also, Master Lox is the evil guy you must beat. Funkiki island, Funkeystown, Kelpy Basin, are just a few of the worlds in Ub Funkeys.

How does lox taste like?

How does lox taste? It tastes like salty fish. Good lox or cheap lox? Good lox is soft but has texture, cheap lox has stringy stuff through it and hinders eating. Some lox is saltier than others but the better stuff has a mild salt and fish flavor.

What is a bagel with lox stock?

Lox is a type of salmon filet. A bagel with lox usually consisting of cream cheese and thinly sliced salmon filets. As for a bagel with lox stock, there is a restaurant named Lox, Stock, and Bagel.

What is Brine cured salmon called?


What is lox in the orthodox Jewish diet?

Lox is cured salmon but this is not specific to Orthodox Jews. Lox is the same regardless of its being kosher or not.