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There is no mean of life, life obsolete compared to machines.

Although you can pass your life by dying

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Q: How you can pass your life and what is mean by life?
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What does the name Eisha mean?

the one who shall pass a good life. its a word from the Quran

What are Exmaples of hardship mean?

Hardship is the time that a person pass in his life that was full of bad things

What is the meaning of in life there is rain?

This phrase can mean that life has its challenges or difficult times, symbolized by rain. It suggests that hardships are a natural part of life and are necessary for growth and resilience. Just like rain, challenges can lead to growth and renewal.

What does it mean if a boy says mean things about a girl when she isn't there?

that basically means he dosent like you so just pass on with this Boy and go one with your life okay :)

When you score approacaching basic on ileap does that mean you pass are failed?

i think that it mean pass because i really dont know if it mean pass are falied

How many pass are there in emerald?

what do you mean by pass?

What do you mean pass around?

to pass around

What does it mean when we say Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass Its about learning to dance in the rain?

It means that you need to enjoy every part of life and not just focus on the bad things that happen.

What does the idiom pull the switch mean?

usually used when someone is on life support and it means that you unplug the equiptment and allow the person to pass away

What is the song roooftops by lost prophets mean?

By what it sounds, it means to live your life to the fullest. Have fun while you are still young before you let your life pass you by. You will regret nothing if live it to the fullest.

What are some of the ways in which living is different from rural life in the pass?

living is different from rural life in the pass. i would say that in the pass living was a bit harder and a bit difficult

What does application status pass mean?

I want to know that too. Does that mean you "pass" that evaluation level, or does that mean they have "passed" you by for better candidates?