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Q: How would you Connect 16 dots with 4 lines starting top left ending bottom right?
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What is the word for two lines that connect your top lip to the bottom of your nose?


What are the letters for the lines and spaces of a treble cleft?

Lines (Starting from the bottom)- E G B D FSpaces (From bottom)- F A C E

How do you do those weird S signs?

make three lines (x2)like this lll. then put two of these on the bottom and top ^then connect the lines

Can an x inside a squares be drawn without overlapping lines?

No. You have four corners, each with an odd number of lines going out. Each of these must either bee the starting point or the ending point, but you can only have one starting point and one ending point.

How do you understand guitar tabs numbers?

Usually the lines are your strings starting with the bottom string first and moving to the top string at the bottom and the numbers on the string lines are the frets you place your finger on.

How do you connect 12 dots using 5 straight lines and ending where you started?

distribute the 12 dots around the perimeter of a pentagon

What does Chinese symbol of sex look like?

The Chinese S.. 3 lines next to each other then below the lines draw another 3 lines next to each other and connect the left line to the bottom middle line and the middle top line to the right bottom line then, conect the right top line to the crossing middle to right bottom line and connect the other side and then make a triangle on EACH TOP!!!

How do you connect 3 circles and 3 squares with 9 lines?

draw lines and connect them

How can you replace the lines that carry transmission fluid to the transmission?

if you are asking about the cooling lines for the transmission that connect to the radiator, its easy. first disconnect the lines from the radiator (2 lines, usually on the bottom opposite the radiator outlet) then disconnect the lines from the transmission. remove the brackets holding them on, then remove.

Contour lines connect points with the same what?

Contour lines connect points with the same elevation or altitude. These lines are used on maps to help visualize the shape and elevation of the terrain.

How to draw a bed in 2point perspective?

First draw a line on your page place two vanishing points on either side Draw a vertical line where you want your bed to go. connect each point (top and bottom) to both vanishing points Then connect the top and bottom of those to the opposite vanishing point. Then make parallel lines (paralell to the lines across it) And there you go

How do you connect nine lines with four dots without overlapping the lines and not lifting your pencil?

start at the bottom left hand corner and go straight up and over the top left hand corner then go horizontally down and even with the bottom right hand corner then go straight across the bottom to the bottom left hand corner and go horizontally to the top right hand corner