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Mario was created as any other person (other than pacman who was created from a Pizza with a slice missing) they made a name and created a person around that.

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Q: How was jumpman or Mario develop his look?
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Why was Mario Italian?

Originally, Mario was named Jumpman. But somebody's landlord was named Mario Segali, and Mario's inventor noticed Mario Segali looked like Jumpman. Figure out the rest.

When was Mario out?

Mario was out 1981, when he appeared as "Jumpman" in Donkey Kong.

Who made Mario Mario?

Shigeru Miyamoto or the Jumpman. People started calling him that after he released Mario. The original name for Mario was Jumpman in the arcade game Donkey-Kong.

Which famous video game character was originally called Jumpman from Super Mario Brothers?

Mario was called jumpman during the days of Mario vs donkey kong

What is the origin of the name Mario?

Mario was first named Jumpman, but the name got switched. Nintendo saw a resemblance between Jumpman and Italy's landlord Mario Segale. He has been called Mario ever since.

What was Mario's first name before he became Mario?

The game that Mario officially became Mario, was supposed to be in his original game Donkey Kong, (Where in the game he was called Jumpman because Donkey Kong was the first ever game to have a jump button) But he was officially named Mario in his original Classic, Super Mario Bros for the NES.

What was super Mario's original name?

Salinki because he was origanlly Japanese or "Jumpman" from the first Donkey Kong games then it became Super Mario,then Mario

What did Mario do before he was a plumber?

Origionally, Nintendo made Mario (or jumpman as he was known then) a carpenter

What year was mario created in?

1981 in Donkey Kong, as the Jumpman

What year was Mario created?

In 1981, although he was then known as Jumpman.

What was Marios origanal name?

The answer is Mario Mario :P Edit: In the Japanese version of Donkey Kong Mario's name was Jumpman.

When did Mario come into nintindo?

It started in 1981 with Donkey Kong. I know the ads say 1985, but that was when Super Mario Bros. was released. However, in his debut, his name (and it still is his real name) was "Jumpman". Nintendo made Mario (or Jumpman) because the company lost the licence to create a game from the Popeye franchise.