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2 x 12 = 24 ft

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Q: How tall is a 2 story house with 12 foot ceilings?
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How tall is a 3 story house?

At least 24 feet high, based on 8-foot ceilings. If the 3rd floor is built into the roof, the building will be shorter than if there is a separate attic under an angled roof.

How many cubic feet in 4000 sqare feet?

That would depend on how tall it is. For example, a house with 8 foot tall ceilings and 4000 square feet floor space, would hold:(4000 ft2)x(8 ft) = 32000 ft3If it had 10 foot ceilings, then: (4000 ft2)x(10 ft) = 40000 ft3

What are the release dates for House Hunters - 1999 Tall Couple in Tampa Seeks House with High Ceilings 79-8?

House Hunters - 1999 Tall Couple in Tampa Seeks House with High Ceilings 79-8 was released on: USA: 30 October 2013

How tall was the first white house Christmas tree?

4 foot tall

A building has 37 stories and is 535 feet tall To the nearest foot how tall is each story?

14.459459To the nearest Foot the answer is: 14

How tall is a 2 story house?

15 feet

How tall is 10 story building?

A ten story building is a one hundred foot tall building because usually a story is ten feet tall so multiply ten by ten and you get a hundred feet.

How Tall Are Hydrothermal vents?

Hydrothermal vents can get very tall. Many of them are as tall as a three story house.

How tall is a four story house?

-Four stories -on average 40 feet -tall

How tall is a six story building?

AnswerA three story building would be 30 feet high plus height of walls above roof if any: 8 foot per floor, plus 7-12 inches for floor separations (ceilings and floors).

You own a 15 foot by 7 foot ice house - how big of a heater do you need?

This depends on other factors. What is the outside temperature? What do you want for the inside temperature? How tall is the house? How is it constructed?

The shadow cast by a house is 55 feet long.At the same time a flagpole that is 15 feet tall casts a 25 foot long shadow.How tall is the house?