How strong is Pikachu?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he is very strong, he has the force, and he can through t.vs at people as well as cooking chicken at the same time.......... the force is very powerful my young padawan....... don't forget to watch Pokemon on Sunday, followed by Yugi-oh! yay!!! and at 7.00pm, don't miss......... Beyblades!

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Q: How strong is Pikachu?
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What can pikachu do?

pikachu is not a very good partner on the games,but if it is very high in level,they are very strong!good luck!!!

What is the Pokemon croconaw weak against?

good pikachu or a strong grass type

Who would win Pikachu or feraligatr?

Although water type Pokemon are weak to electricity, Feraligator's strength and stamina would help it win against Pikachu. What are you saying man. If pikachu uses a strong electric move feraligatr will almost be out of hp and die. So the answer is pikachu.

Is Pikachu strong in heartgold?

it is extremely powerful with volt tackle you tube red's pikachu 1 hit KO ed a mewtwo with It get volt tackle you must breed a pikachu holding a light orb. Pikachus are found in viridian forest.

What conflicts is Judasim in?

one conflict was ashes pikachu was not strong enough to defeat gary's blastoise

Is ash strong?

NO! Ash is so weak! They make him LOOK strong, but to me i say he's WEAK and he's a dumb jerk! And Ash's pikachu says BIKACHU, weird hu? They make him win. P.S. His voice is weird. :) Typ in 'is Ash's pikachu weird?'

Is Pikachu the best Pokemon?

I'm gonna give you my honest opinion Pikachu can be a strong Pokemon because of it's attacks and strenght, but I like grass types and my favorite Pokemon is Turtwig :)

How do you level up Pokemon fast and easy?

Give it exp share go to the elite four with strong Pokemon and pikachu fight the elite four with your strong Pokemon only, pikachu will level up at least 10 or more times when you finish.

Is ash's Pikachu weird?

YES VERY!!!!!!!!!! He is a Bikachu. If he gets hit with 3 Hyper Beams, he is still battling! they make him LOOK strong. I say Ash and pikachu are the dumbest and weakest team ever!

How do you beat misty if you cant beat brock?

This can actually happen. For example your playing Pokemon yellow and you only have pikachu as a Pokemon, you will not be able to beat brock not matter what level pikachu is, but misty can be defeated because pikachu's electric type moves are strong against water type Pokemon.

Where can you find a strong electric Pokemon in diamond?

one strong electric Pokemon is a luxray Or catching a Pikachu in the Trophy Garden on Route 212 and evolving it with a ThunderStone into Raichu

Is ash a stronge and cool trainer?

I wouldn't say he is the coolest trainer ever...but his pikachu is super powerful. And he comes up with awesome strategies. I would say he is strong becuz he has pikachu on his team.......well, what do you think?