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He was 7 years old then 4 years later he was 11 in the cell games his birthday was during the nine days befor the cell games

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Q: How old was gohan when he was on namek during the frieza saga?
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How did gohan get his first pair of saiyan battle armor?

vegeta gave it to him during the frieza saga

What is Gohan's power level during the frieza saga?

Kid Gohan Power Level Versus Frieza Henchmen : 1,500 (First Coming To Namek) Kid Gohan Power Level After Unlock Potential By Guru Versus Ginyu Force : 16,000(After Gurus Unlock Potential) Kid Gohan Power Level After Fighting Guldo : 11,500 (Losing Some Power Vs Guldo) Kid Gohan Power Level After Healing By The Senzu Beans : 27,000 (Healed By SenzuBean) Kid Gohan Power Level While Fighting Frieza (2nd) Form : 1,100,000(Maybe Enraged Or Full Power) Kid Gohan Power Level While Fighting Frieza (3rd) Form : 2,000,000 (Enraged)

When does Goku turn super sayin?

In the Namek saga after he thought he had killed Frieza will a spirt bomb then Krillin died and his anger exploded and he transformed.

Will frieza return?

Most likely not because he shows up for the second time in the Trunks Saga where he is nearly a robot because of what Goku did to him back on Namek

What is gohans power level?

14,000 during the beginning of the Namek Saga, 27,000 after Guru awakens his power, 650,000 when Piccolo is fighting Frieza, 4,000,000 during the Android Saga, 23,000,000 as a SSJ after training in the Time Chamber, 35,000,000 as a SJJ2 while fighting Perfect Cell, 33,000,000 at the beginning of the Buu Saga, 9,000,000 during the Baby Saga, 27,000,000 as a SSJ during the Baby Saga, 50,000,000 as a SSJ2 during the Baby Saga, and 72,000,000 as a SSJ during the Super #17 Saga.

How old is gohan from Dragon Ball Z?

4- battle with Raditz 5- Saiyan saga 5- Frieza saga 11- android saga 11- cell saga 18- Majin buu saga 27- end of dbz

Where was frieza in the garlic jr saga?

I think he was dead because the Garlic Jr saga was a little after the frieza saga

What are the sagas in order in Dragon Ball Z?

vegeta saga namek saga captin ginyu saga freiza saga ... garlic jr. saga trunks saga android saga imperfect cell saga perfect saga cell games saga great saiyanman saga world tournament saga babidi saga majin buu saga fusion saga kid buu saga ubb saga

When does Goku fight frieza?

yes, but frieza returned as mecha frieza and trunks who came from the future beat him so technically trunks beat him but in trunks time when mecha frieza came goku beat him but the good thing was frieza was beat by a SAYIAN

Is videl great saiyaman 2?

Yes after Videl know Gohan is the great saiyaman and after Gohan and Videl defeat Frieza(some how come back to revenge Goku)Gohan let Videl become the great saiyaman(maybe after the MajinBuu saga)

How old is gohan in the cell saga?

Gohan is 12 years old in the Cell Saga

Was gohan stronger than frieza?

I've read the manga and haven't watched all of the anime. But I do think he's stronger than his father. What made me believe this was when Goku couldn't defeat Cell but his son was able to when he was enraged. His anger makes him stronger and Goku knew that.