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the company Ganz "invented" webkinz

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Q: How old is who invented webkinz and when were they born?
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How did Webkinz get invened?

*correction invented! Ganz invented webkinz (more info on

Who was the person to invent webkinz?

the person who invented webkinz was the Ganz company.

How many Webkinz have been invented?

At least 100, theres a page where you can view all the Webkinz invented. Check the Estore.

Who invented Webkinz world?

i have the most webkinz i have em all and Christina philipedes

When was a webkinz pink poodle invented?

It was invented in June 2006.

What year of webkinz is the orange army shirt invented?

Army is from the 3rd year of webkinz

When was the Webkinz invented?

According to Wikipedia - It was invented April 19, 2005!

Who is the person that invented Webkinz?

Someone Ganze

Who invented the cheeky dog from webkinz?


Are pink webkinz Googles old?

yes, pink google webkinz are very old.

Who invented the website Webkinz?

Ganz has made this website

What was the name of the guy that invented Webkinz?

his name is guy