How old is pikachu?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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He's 10.

how would you know if pikachu is a he there are many pikachus in the Pokemon world! pikachu is NOT 10 and it can be a he and a she. Pikachu and many other kanto Pokemon are as old as the game of Pokemon is i believe 17 years old the game is.

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Pikachu is 2 years old Yippee yippee yippee yippee yippee yippee

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Q: How old is pikachu?
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How old is ash's Pikachu?

Pretty old ;) haha

How old is Pikachu known?


Why do some Pikachu cards say Pikachu is a basic Pokemon but he is not so why do they say it?

Because some of the Pokemon cards/ Pikachu cards won't put that Pichu is the evolved form of Pikachu. The Pokemon cards that have Pikachu on them are mostly old and Pichu wasn't made back in the Kanto or Johto Region. If you have a Raichu card look at the card and you'll see a picture of Pikachu then you'll know what I mean.

Why doesn't Pikachu have a name?

Pikachu's name is Pikachu.

How does Pikachu evolve into?

A Pikachu evolves from a Pichu.

How do you breed a pikachu?

A male pikachu can breed with a ditto or a female pikachu

Where to find pikachu 2?

There isn't such a thing as Pikachu 2. There's Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu, not Pikachu 2.

HOW TO BReed pikachu?

To breed Pikachu you need to leave a male Pikachu and a female Pikachu (or a Ditto and a Pikachu) at a daycare. If you wait a while, the female will be holding an egg.

Can you just put a Ditto and Pikachu soulsilver?

Yes :D I found this out today actually. In the old games, you used to have to put two Pikachu in the Day Care Center to get a Pichu but now you can just put a Pikachu and a Ditto in there to get a Pichu :3 Hope that helps--Taylor

What evolves from pikachu?

Pichu evolves from pikachu than pikachu evolves from raichu.

Why did ash kill Pikachu?

Ash kill Pikachu because Pikachu is useless.

Who is better Pikachu or piloswine?