How old is a ps2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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11 years

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Q: How old is a ps2?
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Do they sell Star Wars the old republic for the ps2?

no it is not a PS2 game

Can you use your Old Ps2 guitar for Guitar Hero Metallica?

if its on PS2

What is Avatar Into The Inferno better for the Wii or for ps2?

wii the ps2 is old and dumb

What does a PS2 port connect to?

A ps2 port connects to nothing the ps2 adapter goes in the ps2 port. jayden claeys 13 years old

Will Resident Evil 5 be out on PS2?

no ps2 is an old system but if u want to keep ur ps2 it will never come out

Is the PS2 popular then PS3?

More consoles of the PS2 were sold, but the PS3 is more desired and the PS2 is considered old fashioned

What is the newest PS2?

this systems kinda old now but it the youngest among the ps2, the silver slim ps2

What is the difference between the big PS2 and the small PS2?

there is not much difference.The big ps2 is the old one and the small ps2 is the new one.The new one weighs less then the old one.It also comes with a better memory card then the big ps2.Also the small ps2 has SLIGHTLY better graphics.

What sort of adapter do you need to play a PS2 on an old monitor?

You need a VGA adapter to play PS2 games on an old monitor.

How much do you get when you trade in a ps2 at Gamestop?

$25 it depends if its the ps2 slim i think there give you more money than the old ps2.

Can you become old on the Sims 2 PS2?


Will WWE all-stars come on ps2?

no ps2 is old and they do not make new games for that anymore and another reason is that ps2 is sh!t now