How old do you have to be to play online with PSN?

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2011-10-22 19:25:00

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You can play some games at any age

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2011-10-22 19:25:00
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Q: How old do you have to be to play online with PSN?
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Playing online with PlayStation 3 free?

Yes you can play PSN (playstation network) for free.

How do youo hook up call of duty online for ps2?

you cant psn shut down for ps2 therefore there is no online but even if there were nobody would play it.

What does psn mean?

It means PlayStation Network and it is a site that the PlayStation games and consoles use with Playstations products online

What does jailbreaking a PS3 do?

It hacks on to the ps3 and it never lets you play online because if you play online you will be court by Sony and you may be arrested. Jail breaking a ps3 will also let you get free games on the ps3 but remeber not to EVER go online or i think you might not be aloud to play online either. All PS3s are currently jailbreakable, but when Sony throws the casual update, you're screwed. Also if you go online when jailbroken, Sony will simple ban you permanently from PSN or brick up your PS system. It also allows third-party applications to be downloaded and played.

Do you have to pay to play ps3 online with a sub account?

No. Nobody has to pay for PlayStation 3 online services, such as PlayStation network and online play. Other services, such as Netflix, NHL, and PlayStation Plus each require separate subscriptions. A sub account is for people under 18 and will need to be under a PSN master account. You pay for Playstation Plus service which provides for free games and reduced prices on other games and also an automatic update program. Playstation plus provides extras and is not needed for online play

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Do you need to be online to play psn games?

yer have to bw signed into psn

Do you need a PSN account to play a PS3 online?


Can you play online if you have a pre owned PlayStation 3?

Yes. You can play online as long as you are connected to the internet and have a PSN account.

Can you play online at Call of Duty Black Ops?

Yes you can play online in black ops with psn and xbox live

How do you use PlayStation network?

The PlayStation network refers to the online features of the PS3. Every time you do anything online on your PS3 you are using the PSN. You can download content, play games online, and watch movies on the PSN.

Where can you play PlayStation games online?

To play PlayStation 3 games online you need a PSN account. To create a PSN account visit the official PlayStation website and go to the PlayStation Network section of the site. To play online also requires a broadband internet connection to your PS3 system.

Can dc universe online ps3 two player?

you cannot play local but you can play with other psn users

How can you play Call of Duty online?

if your ps3 or xbox is hooked up to the internet and your on psn or xboxlive then click mulitplayer at the menu and choose play online.

How do you play the Littlebigplanet online?

To play Little Big Planet online you first have to get a PlayStation Network (PSN) account and have Internet access on your PS3. Then When you have that the game will automatically ask or connect you to the LBP Server, but ONLY if you are signed into the PSN account you make or have.

Playing online with PlayStation 3 free?

Yes you can play PSN (playstation network) for free.

Can you play online with a US PS3 game on a UK PS3?

As long as it uses the PSN , YES

How do you play others on psp?

by PSN you need a account to PSN

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