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any age if you got a job as a programmer

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Q: How old do you have to be to make an x-box 360 game?
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How do you make an old game work for xbox360?

You can play some original Xbox games on the Xbox 360.

Can a Xbox game be played on a Xbox 360 that has Xbox live?

I don't think that you can play an original Xbox game on an Xbox 360 live. But some games from the old xbox you can play on Xbox 360.

How do you make your Xbox 360 play old Xbox games?

Make sure you have a hard drive on your Xbox 360, then you can play old Xbox games.

Does the old game psi-ops work on an Xbox 360?

Unfortunately, it does not work on the xbox 360.

Does the game Turok Evolution for Xbox work on the Xbox 360?

All regular old XBox games work on the XBox 360

Will a old Xbox game play on a Xbox 360?

Yes. Most do.

How much is the game star wars the old republic for xbox 360?

This game is not available on Xbox 360, it's just a PC game.

Can you play the game 'gun' from the old Xbox on the new Xbox 360?

You know you can play ALL Xbox games on the 360?

How do you play old Xbox games on an Xbox 360?

Put the game in the slot.

Will the sims 3 video game be available for xbox?

xbox .... or xbox 360 , new or old no they cancelled it

How much is a xbox 360 game?

It depends how new and old the game is or how used the game is.

Will the Xbox 360 controllers work on the old Xbox?

They will not work on the old Xbox. But if you have a hard drive on your Xbox 360, you can play old Xbox games right on your Xbox 360, and then you can use the Xbox 360 controller to play old Xbox games.