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over 500,000,000

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Q: How much people in the world play minecraft?
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Is it possible to play Minecraft on PS3 with 2 people on a single world?

No, Minecraft is a Microsoft exclusive.

Who plays minecraft and wnats to be my friend?

Many people all around the world play Minecraft. To find friends to play with, you should create a Minecraft blog.

How many people in the world play Minecraft?

Over 8,000,000 and counting.

What percentage of the world play Minecraft?

Today, 14th of Juny, 2011, a bit over 2.5 million people have bought the game. But I believe there are almost as many people playing minecraft illegally as those who play it legally. Therefore, about 5 million people in total. The total population in the world is about 7 billion. So... About 0.07% of the world play Minecraft.

How do you play a map in Minecraft?

to play a map, open minecraft, then click singleplayer, choose the world, then click play selected world.

What is a underwater world seed for Minecraft?

An underwater world seed for Minecraft is used to open an underwater world to play the game in.

How much do you have to pay to play Minecraft?

Minecraft is a one off €19.95 payment.

Is there a server for people who don't have a premium account for minecraft?

No but you can play Minecraft Classic

Do you need to have minecraft to play world explorer?

yes you need a minecraft map to explore.

How do you change the world you play on in minecraft?

You click "Create New World"

Is Nat's geeky world a Minecraft server?

yes you can put it in on minecraft and play with natty-boy100

How many people play minecraft on computer?

Not really a question. If you mean "How many out of ten people play Minecraft", then you just need to divide the amount of people who own minecraft (8,006,809 currently), and divide that by the world population.