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Q: How much money would you sell used beats headphones?
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How much are beats headphones?


How much do the new beats cost?

Beats are the new headphones, they usally cost about $100.

Who invented beats audio?

a local fellow by the name of george escavez he just put dr.dre on the headphones to sell it more and its working $500. are you serious why would you buy headphones for that much money thats not even that good all your paying for is the name.

How much can you sell used Beats Over the Ear Headphones?


Which headphones are better Smooth or Beats by Dr. Dre?

Beats by Dre headphones are much more high end then smooth headphones, they have better bass and more noise canceling than smooth, but they're very expensive so if you're looking for headphones that are just okay for a cheap price, smooths are the way to go, bu you're in to more high end headphones, beats are the best.

How much is it to fix beats?

very expensive check out check out for cheap headphones

Which is better Dr Dre beats or an i pod touch?

An iPod Touch would be much better. If you are looking for good headphones, nothing with a celebrity's name on them will bring you quality. Sennheiser is a great brand of headphones to look at.

How much do beats headphones cost?

Depending on where you get them they range from about 250-400. But if you want ear buds by beats the are about 70 dollars

How much do the beats headphones cost?

over-ear headphones price ranges from $150 - $300 and in-ear costs somewhere between $100-$200By the way, if you want to buy headphone, would be a good choice.

Why do Beats by Dr. Dre Pro headphones cost so much?

They work great, and they are by Dr. Dre

What are the best headphones money available right now?

Most people go for big, popular brands like beats by dr dre, but the best headphones are ones made by companies like Bose. However, if you don't listen to much music, earbuds may be your best bet.

Can you blow out speakers in dre beats?

Yes, I blew mine out after one night. For the price you can get much better headphones. -cheers.