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$5 per Person

Make a day of it with your children by allowing them to express themselves creatively and construct their own obstacles. It is the most enjoyable aspect of laser tag games near me since it gets children up and moving, keeping them amused in an unplugged manner. The greatest laser tag setups provide a win-win situation for everyone involved. As a result of the high cost of laser tag games near me adventure, they might be an excellent option for your children to burn off some energy without having to go far. You can keep the minds of your children active by playing a game of laser tag with them. For more details about laser tag visit our website link in bio.

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If you're asking about the Laser Tag in Algonquin, IL, it appears as though one game of laser tag is $8.

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Q: How much money is it for laser tag at brunswick zone?
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How much money is laser tag at brunswick zone?

4.99 to 5.99 per person depending on the day of the week

Where is the best place to go and play laser tag in Illinois?

Brunswick Zone (Bowling alley). They have cool effects, and it's cheap. On Wednesdays, it's only $4 for 15 minutes! Just make sure the Brunswick Zone you go to has it, or an arcade. Good Luck!

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What is the phone number for the zone laser tag?

Zone laser tag is a company that provides laser tag systems on a franchised basis. The number for their sales department is 877 484 9621.

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