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you wouldn't get as much as you think. a play station 2 would be about 40$ after the ps3 came out, it matters what games they are because they pay higher prices for the better ones. (such as guitar Hero 3, world tour, arosmith, and metallica). i would say 10$ for the good ones, and less then 5$ for the cruddy ones. the controlers, if they are in good condition, 10$ each. The ds lite would be from 40$ to 80$ depending on the store and condition. and oce again, with the games, more popular ones would be worth more. about 20$ for the good ds games, and less then 8$ for the less popular ones. same as the Xbox 360 game. the more popular,(such as bioshock, fallout 3, halo 3, Call of Duty 4&5, and Saints Row 2) would be about 30-40$ the ones less popular,(such as the e10+ and e games, lol....) would be about 10$. If u got any more questions , just ask!

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Q: How much money do you get if you trade in your PlayStation 2 and 22 games for it and 2 controllers and a ds lite with 6 games and one xbox 360 game to gamestop?
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How much money will I get if I sell my playstation 2 at gamestop with 4 games?


All to GameStop. Thanks. How much money would I get if I sold a PS2 with 8 games to game stop And How much money would I get if I sold a PS1 with 3 controllers and about 30 games and 3 memory cards?

I don't think they buy PS1 anymore at gamestop

How much money would a fat ps2 a 8 mb card 2 controllers and 4 games at gamestop?

You might get $25-30 or less

Does Gamestop collect consels for money like they do with games?


Where can you sell your playstation 2?

in gamestop On Ebay your can sell the games and the PS2 as a Set or as individual items. Mostly a used PS2 will not get you much money and can be used as a DVD player on an extra TV in many Homes.

How much money will gamestop give you for 58 ps2 games?

depends on the game or games.

Does PlayStation 2 games work with PlayStation 3?

Of course not! Don't waste money on a ps3 if you only have ps2 games!

Can you trade a ps2 for a ps3 at Gamestop?

hell no You most certainly can. It will not be an even trade, but trading in your PlayStation 2 console will take some money off of the purchase of a new PlayStation 3.

What percentage of money do gamestop stores keep from trade in games?


How much money do you make when you trade in a game for playstation game at gamestop?

If you trade in a game for another game you normally have to pay them some.

How much money does Gamestop give you for a Playstation 2?

As of Dec 2011, older model 15 trade in ,slim 25 Trade in.

Can you trade in ps2 controllers at gamestop for money?

You can only get $16 on an amazon trade in gift card for a PS2 console and controller trade in. Just how much do you think they will give when you trade in a PS2 controller at a store. Like new used PlayStation 2 Dualshock controllers sell for $8 on amazon including S/H and used PS2 analog controllers start at $.49 new generic analog are $6 up. If you still want to sell one try Gamestop it will depend on there current inventory