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At least 500 million+

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Q: How much money did Sony earn from the PlayStation 2?
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How much money does PlayStation earn for Sony a year?

50 million

Can you use PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation 1?

No you cant. sony playstation 2 games are very much so diffrent then sony playstation 1 games but out of all buddy my reccomendation would be the sony playstation 3

How much money did sony make from playstation?

The PlayStation was the first console in history to surpass the 100 million consoles sold mark. It's hard to tell exactly how much money Sony made in dollars because the PS1 was in production for so long and just finally stopped production in early 2006.

How do you get more money on PlayStation Network for free?

You don't get money for free. Money in your Playstation Wallet is actual money applied and not some form of vitural Money. I do get free Playstation network cards, but they come from points earned using My Sony Credit Card and using the Sony Rewards site much like some credit card holders get free airplane trips. Only they are not really free and are a form of rebate on purchases.

How much does the Sony PlayStation 3 weigh?

Approximately 5kg

How much does Sony earn a year?

50 Billion

Are PlayStation 3 better than PlayStation?

The Sony PlayStation 3 has upgraded graphics and a much larger game library than its older counterpart, the PlayStation. The PlayStation 3 caters to mainly the teenage age group and above.

How much does an action replay cost off of amazoncom?

Nintendo DS: $20.98 Nintendo DSi: $19.99 Nintendo Wii: $14.99 Sony PlayStation 2: $21.89 Sony PlayStation Portable: $99.99 GameCube: $25.89

Was PlayStation originally a Nintendo console?

Originally, Playstation One was supposed to be a Nintendo console, with Sony being the manufacturer for just the internal components. However, Nintendo scrapped the idea, leaving Sony with thousands of Playstation components that were previously waiting to be sent to Nintendo. So, Sony decided to go ahead and continue making the Playstation One anyway and sold them as a Sony brand instead. These days Playstation is much more popular than Nintendo, so Nintendo made a huge mistake dropping the deal.

How can you get a Free PS3 Move Bundle?

I used the points from answering questions at the Sony rewards site and choose the PS3 move Bundle from the rewards catalog. Not sure how you can do it as it took me 6 months to earn the points by answering 3 or 4 questions on Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and the Sony Pictures Television 5 days a week. They no longer even let you buy Sony Playstation Products without also having a Sony Card and you earn much fewer points than you could before

How much money does Sony Silver get?


How much is the playstation 5 going to be?

Why not let Sony make PS4 1st, then after that discuss 5.