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  • Actually, u can have up to 3 billion gp, or 3,000,000,000 gp, or 3bill.
  • Yup, I think its 3 bill . or it might be 5 bill. now. - This answer is untrue.
  • The max you can have is 2147M (2.147B) or 2,147,483,647 GP.
  • There is No limit to your money in RuneScape. Gp can be stacked until it reaches 2,147,483,647 or whatever the max is, my friend has 4B, and his friend has about 25B!
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Q: How much money can you have in RuneScape 2?
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How much money can you get on RuneScape?

The max amount of money that you can get in Runescape in coins is around 2147M (2.14B) But you can get much more in terms of items, such as partyhats.

What is the max money you can get to on RuneScape?

The max money on runescape is 2.147 bill (2 billion 147 million gp).

How much money is it to be a member in Runescape?

£3.50 or about $5 a month

How do you make money on RuneScape cheats?

There are no money cheats in RuneScape.

How much is it to be a member in runescape in England money?

£3.20 per month.

What is the best p2p way 2 make money on runescape?

To earn fast money on Runescape, you need to mine essence in the Varrok mine and sell them in the exance.

Where online can someone buy RuneScape Money?

One can purchase Runescape money from the Runescape official website. One simply needs to have a credit card to complete the purchase of Runescape money.

What is the best RuneScape money genorator?

Earn RuneScape money yourself and stop relying on money generators.

How much money are cockatrices heads worth in runescape?

Cockatrice heads are not able to be sold on runescape's grand exchange. They are also not able to be traded.

How do you get twice as much money quick on runescape in the free world?

Special Economic Zone

How much money is the armadyl godsword hilt cost on Runescape?

Around 62,985,000gp - 69,615,000gp

How do you get Runescape 2?

Runescape is Runescape 2, there is Runescape Classic (RSC) and Runescape 2 (RS2). Although Runescape Classic can now only be played by players who joined before Runescape 2 was released.