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It starts at $19.50.

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Q: How much is the starter kit at Claires?
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Do you have to buy the starter kit at Claires?

You don't have to buy the starter kit at claires but they offer it to you so your peircing can have the right treatment. Hope that helped!

How much do piercings cost at Claires?

The piercing is free withe the Purches of the Claire's starter Kit And I here the price of the starter kit depends on what Earrings you want Claire's has a website you should look their for more details

How much is the Avon starter kit?

As of September 16, 2016. There are 3 starter kits for new representatives. The Quick Starter Kit costs $25, Advanced Starter Kit costs $50 and Premium Starter Kit costs $100.

How much are the starter earrings in Claires?

On the Claire's website, they have a list of all the starter earrings so just click on that, and they have all the earrings and their prices!

How much does a starter tattoo kit cost?

A starter tattoo kit can range in price from $30.00 to well over $135.00. It depends on quality and what it actually included in the starter kit.

How much does a Claire's starter kit cost if the earrings at 22.00?


How much does a Claire's starter kit cost at Claire's?

it cots about $20

Can you catch a Pokémon in Pokémon starter kit?

by starter kit do u mean starter pokemon? because then no!

How much should air conditioner starter kit install cost?

Hi, How much does it cost to install a starter in a home air conditioning system?

How much is Claires ear piercing?

It is free when you buy the starter earrings, though I would highly recommend going to Piercing Pagoda, which is also free with earrings.

How much is a starter drum kit in England?

you can get a drum kit for about £100 but it wont be very good. my first kit was a cb kit , that was about £250 still not very good but it is for starters like yourself.

Do you have to have a starter kit for a dsi?