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The price for modern warfare two is about and around sixty dollars in stores and on amazon.

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Q: How much is the price for modern warfare 2?
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Is captain price on modern warfare 2?


When will the price go down for modern warfare 2?

it will probably go down when modern warfare 3 comes out

What happenend to captain price in modern warfare 4?

he lives and appears in modern warfare 2 a few times

No you will be with Nikolai from modern warfare 1 and captain price from both modern warfare games it will be the sequel to call of duty modern warfare 2?

If there is a Modern Warfare 3, it will be Soap (Mactavish), Price, Nikolai, and any other survivor of task force 141 V.S. Makarov.

Is captian price in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

in cod4 modern warfare 2 in one mission he pops out and you see him yes:he is alive

How much money has modern warfare 2?

to date modern warfare 2 has made 750 million dollars :)

How much cod games are there?

There are six:1,2,3,4(modern warfare)5,6(modern warfare 2)

Does capt price live at the end of call of duty modern warfare?

*Spoiler* Yes, Captain Price lives. We find our old friend during the campaign in Modern Warfare 2.

What was Captain Price wanted for in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

captain price wanted to play a part in modern warfare 2 and had asked infinity ward to put him in all the modern warfare series, even if he dies in each modern warfare series hel be present in the next one as fit as ever. that's not what i mean i mean why was he in jail.

Where can you get modern warfare 2 for the lowest price?

You could try amazon or eBay

Is captain price alive call of duty modern warfare 2?


What are the kinds of people you can be in Modern warfare 2?

Soap,cpt price and broach