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the price can change but now it is around 750k to 1m.

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Q: How much is the dwarf cannon in RuneScape?
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Can you sell a cannon in runescape?

If u r talking about a dwarf cannon, then yes around 550K-850K

In runescape dwarf cannon quest where do you find the dwarf in goblin hide out?

in the cave next to the fishing guid.

How do you befriend the dwarves of runescape?

to use the dwarf multicannon, complete quest dwarf cannon. to use the hand cannon, complete the giant dwarf. those two quests befriend dwarfs.

Where to find a dwarf multicannon on runescape?

You need the cannon pieces to create one.

Where can the dwarf cannon not shoot on RuneScape?

you cant shoot it at anywhere that have big things that block it

Where can you find nulodion in runescape for dwarf cannon?

north of falador in front of dwarven mine

Is there a way to see how many cannonballs are left in your dwarf cannon on RuneScape?

I don't think there is. But you can simply click on the cannon to fill it up.

Is a dwarf cannon lendable on RuneScape?

no it cannot be lent because it is more than one piece.

Can you use a dwarf cannon in the grand exchange on runescape?

Not sure, I think you can but I have never tried it. Yes, you can.

Do Super Range potions help dwarf cannon hits on RuneScape?

The last answer was obviously posted by a loser :)

Where is the best place for a dwarf cannon in runescape?

Its about 450,000 to 522,000gp at grand exchange

How do you get the gun in RuneScape?

No guns. One cannon and that's it, sorry. (EDIT) If you are trying to get the Dwarf cannon then you need to finnish the Dwarf Cannon quest. (members only) then you just buy it at the Grand Exchenge for around 500K (widely spaeking since the price changes) it requires cannon balls to shoot.