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New the 320 GB model includes a game in most cases for under $300. Used the trade in for a slim model is over $100 at amazon 160 GB $130 like new condition good condition only $110 same for 120 GB model and the 320 GB is higher

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Q: How much is the PlayStation 3 worth?
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How much do Skate 3 cost for PlayStation 3 on PlayStation store?

It is not available on the PlayStation Store.

How much is a new PlayStation worth?

the newest playstation costs 210 pound if you buy it with fifa12

How much does PlayStation 3 weigh?

The 160Gb PlayStation 3 SKU weights approximately 3.2Kg.

How much will you have to pay if you trade in a PlayStation 2 for an PlayStation 3?

Almost as much as if you did not trade in a PS2

How much is a PlayStation worth now?

If its a regular Playstation 2® then it'll we be around $75, unless from Ebay

How is the Playstation 4 better than the Playstation 3?

The performance of the PlayStation 4 has been proven to be much higher than that of the PlayStation 3. There is a much higher memory content, and the processing speed at which it runs is much faster than that of the previous model.

How much is a used PlayStation console worth?

Amazon trade in is $5

Are PlayStation 3 better than PlayStation?

The Sony PlayStation 3 has upgraded graphics and a much larger game library than its older counterpart, the PlayStation. The PlayStation 3 caters to mainly the teenage age group and above.

Is the PlayStation 2 power cord compatible with a PlayStation 3?

No. The PlayStation 3 requires it's own cord. the PlayStation 2 cord is much thinner than that of a PS3.

How much is the PlayStation with 5 games?

It depends on which PlayStation it is (1, 2, 3 or the portable one) plus the cost of each game.

How much is a playstation 2 worth in 2014?

I sold mine in eBay for $1800

How much can you get for selling your PlayStation?

If you are selling a PlayStation 1,You will get around £20.00 on eBay. PlayStation 2, £50.00 PlayStation 3, £250.00 PSP, £100.00