How much is red dragon archfiend?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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ebays cheapest ive found atm check there

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Q: How much is red dragon archfiend?
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How do you get the red dragon archfiend?

You get Red Dragon Archfiend by completing Jack's story mode. Then yu will get Red Dragon Archfiend. But not 1 but 3 RED DRAGON ARCHFIENDS!!!!!

How much is red dragon archfiend worth?

it depends in what booster or tin it comes out of. the red nova tin red dragon archfiend isnt worth much, seeing anyone can get it if you buy a tin.

What is the name upgraded form of red dragon archfiend?

the upgrades are: Red Nova Dragon Majestic Red Dragon Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode

What is in the red dragon archfiend tin?

You dont no there is millions of possibilities in packs,you are garenteed to get red dragon archfiend.

Which is better stardust dragon or red dragon archfiend?

it's an opinion. stardust negates red dragon archfiend. stardust dragon protects card. red dragon archfiend clears the field for you. destruction or protection. it's your choice.

Which booster pack has 'Red Dragon Archfiend'?

"Red Dragon Archfiend" comes in the booster pack The Duelist Genesis.

How do you get red dragon archfiend?

buy the red dragon archfien tin

What atk and def does archfiend red dragon have in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Red Dragon Archfiend is ATK: 3000, DEF: 2000

How do you summon red dragon archfiend?

you needed twin sword marauder and dark tinker to syncro summon red dragon archfiend

What is the password for Red Dragon Archfiend?


What is the code for red dragon archfiend?


Can you get red dragon archfiend in a boster pack and what booster pack are you most likely to get a red dragon archfiend in?

Yes, you can. The booster pack it was released in, is The Duelist Genesis.