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the card isn't actually worth much say around 2bucks or maybe 3 but you should keep in your collection just in case.

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Q: How much is gaia the dragon champion worth?
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How much money is the yu-gi-oh card gaia the dragon champion worth?

No much at all. Even in mint condition, Giaa the dragon champion is not a rare card. In mint condition you might get £2.00. Used, 50 pence if you are lucky

What would a champion shot gun be worth?

i think about as much as a champion shotgun i think about as much as a champion shotgun

How much is gaia the fierce knight worth?

go to the market place find out how much is one multiply it by to and u got ur answer

How much is luster dragon 2 worth?

I think that luster dragon 2 is worth £1.50(english currency)

How much is tyrant dragon worth?


How much is shooting star dragon worth?

about a dollar

How much is a shivan dragon worth?

nothing these days.

How much is chaos emperor dragon worth?

about £5.50

How much is darkflare dragon worth?

about 10 dollars

How much is magic hawk dragon servant worth?

It is a fake card, a counterfeit version of 'Harpie's Pet Dragon'. It is not worth anything.

How much is the PSL worth?

Well, I got mine at champion firearms for about $900.

How much is a blazing dragon worth?

actually, there is no real dragon in real life, it is only a fantasy.