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Probably $30-$60 depending on who you sell you sell it to.

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Q: How much is an original Xbox worth with one wireless controller with 17 games?
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How much is a ps2 and 9 games with 1 controller worth?

it is worth about 200 dollars

On a tv i have whenever i play video games on it and move quickly there is a little delay for the tv screen to move is there anything that can stop that such as a wired controller instead of wireless?

If you are playing online this may simply be caused my server lag which cannot be fixed by your end. As for the controller, this situation is Very rare, but if no other alternatives are found, it's worth a shot.

How much is an original xbox worth with 24 games?

$150, $30 for the console and $5 for the games.

How much is an original x box and 4 games worth?


Where can one purchase a wireless xbox 360 controller?

An XBOX 360 controller can be found at GameStop, Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Amazon, and of course, eBay. Sometimes sellers on eBay will sell some really cool customized controllers. They are worth checking out.

How much will you get at gamestop for a non- slim ps2 1 wired controller 1 wireless controller about 20 working games a mem card a old gameboy advance a wireless guitar and sims 3 for PC?

not nearly what it is worth mate. they will buy it at about 10% of what its worth and then sell it at a much higher price.(i know i sold my custom xbox with decals and only got 30 bucks came back the next week and it was being sold for 90) use cragislist. its a free way and you can name your price. the ps2 package alone should bring in 150 min., depending on its condition.

How much store credit could you get for trading in a 360 with 2 Wireless controllers a 60GB Hardrive and 10 games to Gamestop?

Absolutely nothing. if the games are from the past 3-5 months you might get some money back but chances are you're gonna regret it later if your 360 works right and all that. I actually traded in a fully functioning (PERFECTLY FUNCTIONING) 360, with a wireless controller + the play & charge kit, and over 23 360 games.. and.. I actually didn't even get enough for a ps3. It's not worth it if you actually like the console and it's games.

What is a GameCube controller worth?


How much could you get for 3 PlayStation 2s 3 memory cards 2 8 gbs and 1 16 gb 3 controllers 1 wireless 1 original sony controller and 1 wildcat dual shock controller and all accessories plus 25 games?

Playstation 2 in gamestop tends to sell for 40 dollars per unit, if all of your units are function those alone would be worth 120 dollars, the controllers i'd say 5 dollars per controller so that would be 135, then add in the memory cards the 8gb would probably be worth around 8 dollars per card and the 16 probably 12 or 14, which would end up being 159 for it so far, now the games well.... im going to believe you have mostly sports games which retail for less then a dollar for each game, out of your 25 games you may have a few more expensive games, i'd say the price with the games would be 165 dollarsTL;DR 165 dollars

How much is an original Xbox worth with 3 controllers and 15 games worth?

$250 dollars, if its in mint condition $300

How much is a GameCube controller worth?


What is a sony Playstation console worth?

The games for it are more in demand and desired than the original console