How much is an electric Charmander?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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First of all,What do you mean by "How much is a Electric charmander?"?Well,if you mean how rare it is,its very rare!Usually a charmander is a Fire type Pokemon.Being an Electric type,it is also a Delta Species card.Those are rare.Thats all i can say right now...

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Q: How much is an electric Charmander?
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Is electric Charmander rare?

yes very rare

Is Charmander better than Pikachu?

YES pikachu is better the charmander because pikachu is a stronger pokemon then charmander and it is much better and some times charmander is not a good pokemon some times

How do you find Charmander in Pokemon gold?

you can't find a Charmander, you have to get a Charmander by trading a pokemon to a person that has a Charmander.

Can you get a Charmander in pearl?

How to get a Charmander in Pear Version?

What does Charmander say?

charmander says char

Different about charmander and shiny charmander?

One's a different colour than the normal one. Example: normal charmander: orange shiny charmander: gold

How do you catch Charmander in platinum?

you cant, charmander is not in platinum

Where to find a Charmander in LeafGreen?

you get charmander as a starting Pokemon

Where do you get the Charmander that the hiker gives you in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is no hiker that gives you charmander you need to get charmander from another leafgreen or firered.

How do you find Charmander on Pokemon platinum?

You trade somebody with a charmander

What happens to ash's Charmander?

Ash evolved Charmander into Charmeilan.

Why is Charmander called Charmander?

it is a salamander and charcoal mixed together