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Not much, as a lot of people only buy Webkinz for the code.

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Q: How much is a webkinz worth without its code?
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How much is webkinz charm tiara worth?

The webkinz charm tiara is worth millions. it is very hot in the trading room.

How much are webkinz pink bunny ears worth?

A lot!

Why is there a Webkinz in life?

There is a webkinz in life to play with and enjoy. Without them life can be pretty boring. I say love your webkinz. They should be treated like a human. If you love them so much, go to to play and enjoy. First you must log the code in and then..............................................ENJOY!!!!!!!!

How much does a webkinz code cost?

Nothing. The code comes with the pet. Hope i helped!

How much does Webkinz cost?

webkinz does not cost anything it is free to have an account but the stuffed animals cost around $12.99. You can also buy different things for your webkinz and online you can go to the code shop and enter its secret code and get a prise for your webkinz.

How much are Love Puppy Webkinz worth if the tag isn't seeled and already used?

You can sell them on eBay without the tags for around $50 if it's in good condition!

How much would 30 webkinz cost without tags on them?


How much could you sell retired webkinz for?

Well, retired webkinz is worth alot, since they're hard to get. A sherbet bunny is generally worth about 100 dollars! That's alot!!!

How much money is the webkinz sheep dog?

if it has no code it could be anywhere from $2 to $13 if it has a code it could be $12 to $16

Webkinz code for code-shop new?

buy the animal.... the animal comes with a code..... when in click new member...... answer everything... when it comes to the code look at the code that came with the webkinz toy and type it in.

How much are webkinz worth if its never been used?

around $13 but if your looking for money you could sell a new one for $15 ;) how do i know??????????? used to be a webkinz addict

How much would a Grey and White Cat Webkinz be without the tag?

About 5 to 10 dollars