How much is a brand new Xbox 360?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a brand new xbox360 arcade is $199 but it doesn't have a hardrive ($100) a normal xbox360 is around $299 and the xtreme xbox360 (black one) which has a little better graphics and twice as much memory space is around $399

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Q: How much is a brand new Xbox 360?
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How much money is an xbox 360 Kinect?

at the most $200

What is the price of Xbox 360 brand new in multan?


My Xbox 360 goes to 1 red ring when I plug in the Scart Cable E74. To fix this should I get a new Scart Cable or get a brand new Xbox 360?

a new cable

How do you get brand new zombie maps on black ops for the 360?

for xbox 360 you need to buy Microsoft points and get it

Does a brand new xbox 360 come with a HDMI cable?

Mine did not, from Game instore (UK)

What is better used or refurbished xbox 360?

An Xbox 360 is brand new, all new parts, everything is new. A refurbished Xbox 360 is made of parts which once were broken but have been fixed and put together again. These are usually cheaper than new Xbox 360's.

Are there games for the new Xbox 360 that can be played on the normal 360?

yes they can on another or new xbox 360

Do new games work on xbox 360?

New games do work on an Xbox 360. This is, of course, as long as they are specifically Xbox 360 games.

How much xbox 360 CD cost?

A new Xbox 360 disc(video game) usually costs around $60(59.99).

How much are Xbox 360 games?

New games are usually $60.

How much is an xbox 360 hardrive?

New $129.99 Used $79.99

Can you play new Xbox 360 games halo 3 on older Xbox?

If you are referring to an "older xbox" as the regular xbox, then the answer is no. but if you are referring it as the first models of the xbox 360, then you can play halo 3 or any new xbox 360 games on your Xbox 360.