How much is a PS2 worth?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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current rate in India is 5990 Indian rupees

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Q: How much is a PS2 worth?
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How much is a ps2 and n64 worth together?

Neither is worth much and together they are harder to sell. amazon offer a credit of $16 for the PS2

Can you change a ps2 for a PSP?

No a PS2 is worth much less than a PSP

How much is the xbox worth?

Much less than a used PS2 and that is worth only $20-30

How much is a ps2 and 9 games with 1 controller worth?

it is worth about 200 dollars

How much is a ps2 worth when trading in?

Often less than $20

How much is a PS2 worth with 39 games and other extras?


How much trade in does a ps2 slim worth at toys rus?

Stores that do take a PS2 in for trade do not offer much many times $20 or less.

Can you trade a GameCube for PS2?

no a ps2 is worth more

How much is your PS2 trade in worth?

$25 used refurbished sell for $50 at a Store

How much are these ps2 games worth?

It really depends, about 30 maybe, it depends how good it is.

How much is your pink ps2 worth?

Well, i went to gamestop about 2 weeks ago and they were selling a pink ps2 for $129.99 so your looking at about $40 - $50.

Can you switch a PS2 for a PS3?

probably not as ps2's are not nearly considered to be worth as much as ps3's are. You could sell your ps2 for some money and then save up for a ps3. Well you could trade it in so you dont have to pay as much money