How much is a DSI in pounds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A DSi is £149.99 usually.

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Q: How much is a DSI in pounds?
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How much will dsi cost in stores?

around 150 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much money does a dsi XL charger cost?

5 pounds

How much will the Nintendo DSi cost in Pounds when it comes out in England?

it will be 149.99

How much does a used dsi sell for trade in at gamestop?

It sells for about 20 euros or pounds

How much is 200 dsi ware points in pounds?

you cant trade points for pounds if u have moshi monsters my name is firedungeon10

How much do a Nintendo dsi?

how much do a Nintendo dsi

Where do you put a USB in a dsi?

you cannot put a usb in a dsi you can get thecable of ebay around 5 to 10 pounds

How much is the DSi and the DSi XL?

UK: DSi - £129.99 Dsi XL - £169.99 - £189.00 US: DSi - (approx) $149.99 DSi XL - $189.99

How much will the dsi be when the dsi XL comes out?

the same price

If you trade your ds and i game for dsi how much will the dsi be?


Does dsi have as much as dsi XL?

They are exactly the same, except the dsi XL is bigger.The DSi has more colour choices though.

Can you get a Dsi for less than 10 pounds?

No you can't, you can get them for cheaper aboad