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it will need about 100 happiness

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Q: How much happiness does Togepi need to evolve?
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When does Togepi evolve in pokemon heartgold?

For a togepi to evolve you need to give it 220 happiness

What lvl does togapi evolve in HeartGold?

you need to ge togepi's happiness full in order to evolve it.

How do you make Togepi evolve in Pokemon gold?

You need to give it Happiness to evolve Togepi into Togetic. You need to give these items to evolve Togepi: Soothe Bell Iron Calcium Zinc Protein Carbos HP Up PP Max Rare Candy PP Up And you need to feed Togepi all of those things to give it happiness.

What level do you get Togepi to evolve in diamond version?

Togepi doesn't have a certain level for evolution; you need to have a strong bond with your Togepi, i.e. "happiness".

How Togepi evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

You'll need to make it have High Happiness.

How do you evolve a Togepi in Pokemon soul silver?

You need eternal happiness and then level up to evolve togepi to its second stage and then you need a sun stone to evolve it into togekiss. ________________________________________________________________________ No, that is TOTALLY wrong. You will have to make Togepi become very happy so it can evolve into Togetic. Then use Shinystone on it to evolve it into Togekiss.

What level does eogepi evolve in soul silver?

you need to make togepi's happiness value 220

What level does tocapie evolve at in heart and gold?

1 its not Tocapie its Togepi . You have to embrace its happiness into Togetic and for Togetic To evolve you need a shiny stone

Can you get togekiss in Pokemon HeartGold?

"yes you get a togepi from professor elm. and all you have to do is level it up to where it will evolve into a togekiss." This is actually not true. Yo first get a Togepi, you need the Egg from Professor Elm. Then it'll hatch into a Togepi. When it's happiness level is up to 220 it will evolve into Togetic. Then, you need to use a Shiny Stone on him to evolve into togekiss.

Does Togepi need a soothe bell to evolve?

No, but it helps. To evolve Togepi you need it's happiness (or friendliness they're the same thing) up. Mine evolved around Olivine City without the Soothe Bell, and I kept it in my party almost always.

How do you get togikiss on Pokemon platinum?

After you beat gardenia in Eterna city Cynthia will give you an togepi egg and you need to evolve it using happiness and then evolve it again using a stone.

How much happiness does a budew need to evolve?

Its happiness value need to be at 220 in the Day Time.