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According to Swede Systems Flashover training it expands 4200 times its original volume. So one gallon of water, introduced to a 1200 degree room would expand to 4200 gallons of steam. I have been unable to confirm this as of yet however. Please elaborate if you have additional information. Thank you.

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Q: How much does steam expand at 1200 degrees?
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How much does water expand when it turns to steam?

At 212 degrees Fahrenheit water expands approximately 1,700 its original volume when converted to steam.

How much does steam expand?

Water weighs 1kg per liter. If it is all turned to steam you will have 1kg of steam. Water expands to nearly 1700 times its original volume at 212 degrees.

How much does water expand at 500 degrees?

That depends on what temperature it started at. Whatever scale of temperature you are using, water will be steam at 500 degrees.

How much does water expand at 1000 degrees f?

a lot

How much heat kills C Diff?

121 degrees Celsius or 249.8 degrees Fahrenheit (Superheated steam)

How much heat gives 1 kg of steam?

756.78 degrees Celsius

If 1500 calories are added to 100 degrees celsius what will the final temperature of the steam be?


Which has higher temperature steam or water boling in kettle?

Steam. The reason for this is water boils at the temperature of 212 degrees F. Steam can be heated to much higher temperatures than that. Some engines that are water cooled has steam at temperatures of over 700 degrees. Water basically becomes a plasma at this temperature.

How much heat is released when 1000g of steam at 100 degrees Celsius condenses?

540 kcal

How much does a drop of water expand when it evaporates?

1700 times(x)

What happens to water at one hundred degrees centigrade?

it boils If you mean "one-hundred degrees Celsius (degrees C)," then that is water's boiling point. What this means is that this is the maximum temperature water can be before it turns to steam. Steam can be much hotter than water because of this, making steam burns more serious than water burns.

Is the temp of steam at 100 degrees celsius same as 100 degrees celsius water?

Leaving aside the effects of pressure, yes, the temperatures are the same. But the amount of heat (thermal energy) per gram, is much greater for the steam.