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i dont know but i wanted to edit this to delete useless answers

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Q: How much does it cost to ship a PS3 from Ottawa Canada to North Carolina a PS3 is 5kg thanks?
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What is the Driving distance between Ottawa Canada and Raleigh North Carolina?

1350 km

What is the continent of Ottawa?

Ottawa is not a continent. It is the capital city of Canada, located in the province of Ontario. Canada is a country located in North America.

Which state borders the country of Canada north Carolina or North Dakota?

North Dakota borders Canada. North Carolina does not border Canada.

Is Ottawa in North America?

Yes. It is located in Canada.

What is Ottawa's relative location?

Ottawa is a city in Ontario, Canada, which is in North America. It is near the states of New York and Maine.

What countries are by North Carolina?

Canada and the Bahamas are the closest countries to North Carolina.

What is the capital and continent of Canada?

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, which is found in the continent of North America.

What is the name of a North American capital beginning with o?

Ottawa, Canada

Which capital city is in North America outside Mexico?

Ottawa (Canada)

Is Washington D.C. north of Ottawa?

No. Washington DC, the capitol of the United States, is south of Ottawa.

Which is better South Carolina or North Carolina?

North and South carolina are similar families South Carolina always Italian basic. North Carolina families Irish basic. Thanks Scott

Which country is north of US and what is the capital of it?

Canada is the country north of the US and its national capitol is Ottawa.