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Only 25 Gold Each!

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Q: How much does gold ore sell for on Harvest Moon DS?
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How much does amethyst sell for on harvest moon DS?

Only 60 Gold.

How do you get money on harvest Moon?

To get money on harvest moon you sell items.thats pretty much it.

Can you sell your pet in harvest moon?


Where can you get a strawberry on harvest moon?

In Harvest Moon: Magical Melody if you sell 50 Cabbages you get to get strawberry seeds which are about 340Gs for a seed bag and they sell for about 400Gs each, which if you sell a lot like I did, You will have the rich note by the end of your first spring if you did it right. But if you are playing some other Harvest Moon you get Strawberries in different ways.

What is a good way to get a lot of gold in Harvest Moon Magical Melody?

What I did was buy a horse and race it until it was a champion. After that breed it and race that horse and win then sell it!

What will happen if you sell a chicken on harvest moon a wonderful life?

you get money ...

How do you get gold on harvest moon ds cute?

In the start of the game its growing, watering, and harvesting crops. Also you can clear the fields around the valley and sell everything including the grass.

How do you sell things in Harvest Moon Tree of tranquility?

you go to a shipping box and select the items you want to ship (sell) and then when you go to bed it shows you how much you earned -Genevieve

How do you get easy money in harvest moon animal parade?

find an animal and sell it

How do you get 900000000g on harvest moon?

why you want that much money i don't know but you can sell things that you get at the harvest sprite casino, like the cloak the truth bangle the god hand ect.i have sold my truth bangle and i got around 11000g for it you can get much more for the other things i mentioned i hope this helped you! by the way harvest moon rules1 by elimac3.

How do you sell a thing in harvest moon back to nature?

The only way to sell items is to put them in the shipping bin.

How can you open present from the witch princess in harvest moon cute for ds?

Actually, the present you get from her is un-usable! It has no use what so ever! You can sell it for about, 10-20 gold but that's about it... -Jules