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You do not pay for the internet on your PSP.

You will need a Wifi Adapter for you internet modem.
You can buy these at many stores.

This will then send out an internet source which you can then pick up on you PSP.

Now you have to connect your wifi access point up with your PSP.

To do so, first go to settings go right to the bottom of this list and press network settings, select infrastructure and you can pick up your wifi access point.
Select it, put in your Key code (if needed) and connect.

Then go to the internet browser let it load up your wifi access point and then your up and running.

Now all you do it put in the web address you would like to go to.

Hope this helps :)

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Q: How much do you have to pay for internet on the PSP?
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Do you have to pay for the internet on a PSP?

You have to pay for the internet ona psp. Internet is rarely free for any application. However, it may be cheaper on a psp as opposed to a home computer network system.

Do you pay for internet access on PSP?

A PSP is connecting to a wireless access point. Whoever pays for the point, is paying for the PSP's internet access.

Do you have to pay for internet on the psp?

# NO OK # NO # NO # MAYBE.. # HEK NO

Do you have to pay for internet acess on psp?

Not as far as I know.

Do you pay for internet on psp?

no you just log in to an internet connection and your good to go

Is the internet free on the PSP Go?

The PSP Go connects to a wireless router - the wireless router's signal is a paid service from an ISP. So while you need to pay for your internet connection, you don't pay anything extra when the PSP Go connects to it.

How much does it cost to have the Internet and AIM on a PSP?

You need to have an Internet adapter.

How To get Internet on your PSP?

you can get internet on your psp by going to this website;

How do you get internet on the psp street?

Ok the problem is that the PSP STREET doesnt have internet/

What if you don't have Internet on your PSP how do you get Internet on E1002 sony PSP?

The E1000 series 'PSP Street' doesn't have internet. There's no way around it, it has no wireless internet hardware inside.

How do you run internet in PSP?

to run the internet in your psp you have to have a wireless router. go to internet and you have to set connection with your router by putting the router code and have your wlan switched on. then you can use the internet on your psp

How much does ps3 cost the system when you play with your hand?

When you use the PSP and PS3 together the internet costs are entirely based on the rate from your internet provider. Many people do not have a use cost based on how often they are using the internet and pay a monthly fee for unlimited use