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Depends about 5,000 dollars a month for the average programmer.

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Q: How much do video game designers make per month?
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What is the difference between video game programmers and video game designers?

Video game programmers are the people that setup the game and do all the mechanical procedures. Video game designers make the games plot and control what happens in the game.

What is the name of people who make the graphics for video game?

Graphic designers

Can you make a video game with you in it?

of course you can. that's what game designers do.they can make up a chearacter or make a game with them in it.its pretty cool!

How much game designers make a month?

They make about $1,000,000 depends on your college degree,though...

How much money do video game designers make in an hour?

around 58.00 an hour

What kinds of game designer jobs pay good money?

Research has shown that video game designers can make very good money. There is such a large market for video games and these designers can make on average about $52,000 per year with many making even more.

Monthly salary of a video game designer?

IGDA reports entry level video game designers make between $50,000 and $80,000 annually, averaging $57,500. The highest reported salary was $200,000. Sources:

What do game designers do?

Game Designers have two jobs, One: to make a certain type of game,and Two: To test the game to make sure it has no flaws what so ever.

How much money do video game designers make?

It depends on how popular their game is. A person designing popular games will make more money than ones working on less popular games.

Will video game designers be still around in 2023?

Will you still be around in 2023? also, video game consoles will get better and etter, so it will get harder and harder to make better consoles. the world might end as well.

How much money do interior designers make per month?


How much does a video designer make a month?

it depends on the video games you make