How much data does Minecraft use?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It depends on the version of minecraft. 1.7 is about 70mb. 1.8 is about 95mb

and when 1.9 comes out it will be probably 125mb. And then 1.10 (the final update) is a ASTONISHING NUMBER OF: (about 215mb). Worlds costs about 15mb per world or less

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Q: How much data does Minecraft use?
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How much data does minecraft pocket edition use?

allot of data but not on wifi

How much does technic like minecraft cost?

aslong as you have bought minecraft, the technic launcher is free to download and play, but you HAVE to have bought minecraft to use it.

What is the minecraft id for sugarcane?

Sugarcane has 2 data values (IDs) on the PC edition of Minecraft, a block data value, and an item data value. The data value for the block is 83, while the data value for the item is 338.

How much data does iphone safari use a month?

Does going on safari use data

What number is a gold block in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the gold block is data value 41.

What is Minecraft data?

real time scripting

Which folder do your Minecraft mods go in?

The minecraft.jar folder ( in the bin folder, in the .minecraft folder, in the application data folder) note, you will need to use an extracting program like winzip to open the folder

How much data does twitter use?

Depends on how much you decide to use Twitter.

How do you check how much money you have on minecraft multiplayer?

use the comand /money or /balance

How much memory will minecraft take up on the xbox?

minecraft can use anywhere between 256 MB and 512MB of ram on any system.

Is there a how to train your dragon Minecraft mod for Xbox 360?

No, mods are only available for the PC version of Minecraft. You can't run or use unauthorised data on an XBox 360, only things officially authorised by Microsoft.

What is a Minecraft root?

The question doesn't make much sense, but I think what your trying to say is where and what is minecraft's root directory. Open your MC Launcher and click options, the root will be the directory above FORCE UPDATE. E.g C:\documents and settings\user\application data\.minecraft