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I think used big PS2's sell for $60-70 at GameStop so if you sell it ... Because if that's the case....your logic is flawed. ... You can buy them used from Gamestop for around $70, and that comes with a short warranty. ...

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Q: How much can you sell your used PS2 for?
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How much should you sell your ps2 for if it is slightly used?

wel i have to be honest..... ps2s have become old so if you want to sell your ps2 sell it for about £80-90.(ps3 has taken over ps2 )

How much can you sell Used 80 ps2 games for?

80 bucks the most

How much money will you get for a Ps2?

A Used PS2 does not sell for much as it is only $99 new with full warranty and you might only get a quarter of that for selling one

How much is your PS2 trade in worth?

$25 used refurbished sell for $50 at a Store

Where can you sell your playstation 2?

in gamestop On Ebay your can sell the games and the PS2 as a Set or as individual items. Mostly a used PS2 will not get you much money and can be used as a DVD player on an extra TV in many Homes.

How much do you get if you trade a ps2?

Maybe $20-25 they do not sell for much when used and only cost $99 new

How much can you sell a ps2 slim for?

rs 4500 i have a ps2 do u want?

How much would 21 used ps2 games sell at gamestop?

Not much. You'll probably get about $50-60 in total.

How much should you sell a ps2 for?

You will do good if you can sell it for $20-25

How much does a used ps2 cost at gamestop?

Much more than at other places because they refurbish them, then sell them for $60 or $70 when they sell a new one for only $100. Look at Ebay prices for PS2 auctions with games, controllers, and accessories

How much can you sell 26 ps2 games for?


How much could you sell a PS2 controller for?