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you should sell it for about $75

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Q: How much can you sell a used Nintendo DSi for?
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Where to sell a used Nintendo DSi?


How much do a Nintendo dsi?

how much do a Nintendo dsi

How much does the Nintendo DSi cost in india?

Sorry, but i dont think they sell in indiA

How much money will you receive if you sell your Nintendo DSi and charger at Game stop?

150 $

How much does the Nintendo DSi cost?

In America: A Nintendo DSi is $140; a DSi XL is $160. In Japan: A Nintendo DSi is ¥15,000; a DSi LL is ¥18,000. In the UK: A Nintendo DSi is £150. In Australia: A Nintendo DSi is $300.

What shops sell Nintendo DSi XL?

You can find Nintendo DSI XL's in many retail and electronic stores. Many retail stores that sell Nintendo products also sell Nintendo Points Cards and Wii Points Cards.

Does Gamestop sell Nintendo DSi styluses?

Yes, they do.

Where do they sell Nintendo DSi points cards?


How much will they give you in a pawnshop for a used Nintendo dsi?

bout 75$

Can you use Club Nintendo coins in the Nintendo DSi shop?

Club Nintendo coins cannot be used to purchase software in the Nintendo DSi shop nor can it be used to purchase DSi points.

How much does a Nintendo DSi XL cost if you trade in you Nintendo DSi?

it cost about 99.99

How much will Gamestop give you for your used Nintendo DSi?

about $60 or alittle less