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None unless you use it.

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Q: How much calories does Wii Fit burn?
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How many calories does wii fit burn?

about 973658761465 million

How many calories do you burn playing Nintendo Wii tennis or bowling?

You burn about 5.3 calories per minute playing Wii Tennis.

How many calories do you burn playing wii sports?

According to several websites, about 150 calories an hour on wii sports.

Should you buy an xbox or Wii for exercise?

yes. with the wii active or wii sports games. u could burn calories like nothing

Can Wii fit count calories?

Wii Fit does not have a calorie counter. It tracks your weight and BMI (body mass index) against the target weight/BMI you select. As you exercise, it tracks how many minutes you spend per session. **Wii Fit Plus does track the calories burned.

How much does the Wii fit weigh?

I have a wii fit, and when i carry it its about 10-13ponds

How many calories burned using the wii fit for one hour?


What game on the Wii fit plus burns the most calories?

Noob Crunches ;)

What does burn rate mean on Wii Fit?

It means how well you burn - off fat from your body and how substantially you jog.

How many calories does playing a wii burn? You actually burn quite a bit, if you punch / swing as hard as possible. This article will tell you everything you need to know!

How many calories does the 'plank' exercise burn?

A perfectly performed plank - held for 60 seconds - will burn between 15 and 20 calories (according to Wii Fit Plus).

What Wii games are good for burning calories?

TOP 3 Wii sports Arms and legs Wii fit-the best All musles Da blob-'decent'Arms