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Q: How may tons of iron ore are required to make one ton of steel?
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Which mineral helps to support Mexico's growing steel industry?

Both iron and coal are the main "ingredients" of steel. Coal mines in Mexico are located in the northern state of Coahuila, while the most productive iron mines are located in the states of Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi. All three states are the main producers of steel in Mexico.

How much steel was needed to build the Eiffel Tower?

7,000 tons of steel (it was 8,000 until it was renovated in the 90s) 18,038 individual pieces 2,500,000 rivets

How many tons of coking coal are required to make one ton of steel?

The electricity necessary to turn iron ore into steel varies, with the quality of the ore and the process used. With the advent of energy efficient equipment, the energy intensive process has decreased energy costs 50% since 1975.

How many tons of ore make a ton of steel?


Where to find steel ingot minecraft?

As of now, there are no steel ingots unless you use a mod (modification); However there are iron ingots commonly used for armor, tools, and blocks. You may also turn on the "Pirate Speak" button in the "language" bar, which may call it "steel ingot." As far as I know, there are no "steel ingots" in Minecraft without mods or the language. Some people call iron steel though.

How many tones of steel was required to construct 2012 olympic stadium?

Approximately 10,700 tons of steel was used, nearly four-times-less than that required for the 2008 Beijing stadium.

Force required to upset a .38 in diameter 302 stainless steel solid rivet?

15 tons

Largest steel plant in the world?

The largest steel mill is currently located in Gwangyang, South Korea and is run by POSCO (Pohang Iron and Steel Company). It produced 16.23 million tons of crude steel in 2004.

How many tons of steel in the Empire State Building?

57,000 tons of steel

What object weights 100 tons?

A large anchor used for ships can weigh around 100 tons. These anchors are made of heavy materials such as steel or iron to effectively hold a ship in place.

What was used to make tower bridge?

70,000 tons of steel, Cornish granite and Portland stone.

How many pounds of steel was used to make the Golden Gate Bridge?

I weighs 98,000 tons